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The Best NFL Podcasts

I’m taking a UK perspective on these, but thought I’d recommend some of my favourite NFL podcasts.

Firstly… Americarnage, my favourite mostly-US-sports podcast, with Channel 4’s Iron Mike Carlson and Nat Coombs. It’s a weekly hour long podcast that talks about the NFL, NBA, NHL and baseball, as well as movies and general Iron Mike ramblings.

You can download it on iTunes or through the site - http://www.americarnage.co.uk/

The Gridiron Gentlemen, as the name implies, a podcast about American football, by a punch of British guys (and a lady now too it seems). Quality varies occasionally, but it’s generally pretty good, gets into more specifics about the game whilst still being pretty informal.

And others, which I’ll just quickly list for now (you can find them on iTunes or Google), also worth subscribing too, although I tend to dip in and out of them;

C4NFL: The Extra Yard - a new podcast from the C4 (and Americarnage) guys, Nat and Mike.
First Take UK - a couple of Brits talking about US sports.
Overtime Ireland - a couple of Irish guys talking about the NFL, occasionally with players as guests.
Inside The Huddle - Sky’s Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold talk quite loudly about NFL.
The Dave Dameshek Show - an NFL talkshow which frequently has famous players as guests.

I’m sure there are others too - feel free to add some!


Agree with some of the above.
I’ve also enjoyed the Daniel Jeremiah “Move the Sticks” podcast. Lots of good insight on scouting and coaching. Been hard to give it much time while there’s been so much real and fantasy football going on, but I plan to re-listen to the last 10 or so once we’re into the off season

Not really a pod cast - though you can listen back to all shows - but I like the live radio phone in show Mark Teece does on a Sunday before the nights games 4pm-5:30pm usually.

It’ called Zone Coverage and he has a Facebook page and website you can listen to the show live on:



Zone Coverage is a fun show - we need you back in the char room though when the show is on the air, Noel. It has benn going really well the last few weeks, 6-10 people chatting each week. See you Sunday?

@JonCartwright Only if ya coming to Super Bash - as I’ll be going up to London and don’t have the tech to listen to this on the move as yet - only have a DAB radio. I really need to get tech’ed up - even my smart phone is past is - someone offered me a I phone 5 at work for £200 but I am unsure if that’s also past it now so never got back to the fella. I was also looking at the phone Anders has but never pulled the trigger in the end - am always slow to jump on new stuff but I do wish I was more up to date with things. If the Super Bowl goes well for me I’ll make a point of treating myself to a new phone to at least get up to date on that front. So in answer to your question unless someone has a lap top I cant be part of this Sundays show alas.

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