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Folks, just a heads up that a few of us on this site have arranged to meet up in Central London to watch the games tomorrow. We are going to Riley’s on Haymarket.

Map and Flyer attached to this post. Riley’s number is 0207 930 0393 and they still had tables free when I booked. Hope to see some of you there!!


If any one fancies a tickle on first TD scorers in the TG games (or any game for that matter live on SkySports) BetFair are doing a little promo - more details here:

Read More here on BetFair

I sprinkled a load of pound & half pound (okay 50p) bets all over to give me an added interest that means if one of mine comes off whoever it is I will break even and if that player scores again will be up.

Thanks for the heads up on this Jon. I’m going to try and head over after work for a bit with one of the guys from here.

Will be good company with some good matches.

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Nice one. Are you the Dave who is friends with Andy W? If so, you are on our table booking so I will certainly see you. Either way, I will be in my red Chiefs Eric Berry 29 jersey so come and say hello!

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I am indeed sir. I will be in my steelers Jersey tonight so I will cone and say hello.
I am hoping to be there by about 6Ish because of work but will see you there.


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Was great seeing some guys from the league and a couple of newcomers last week for the Thanksgiving games!

Thought I’d post up a couple of the blurry photos we took on the night. We should try to get everyone on to the TFP WhatsApp channel too.


Looks like a good time guys, how was the venue? Not been there…

Was a good time, thanks to the excellent company.

The basics were fine: the place was central and easy to find, they had multiple big screens showing the nfl, they served beer and food.

If I’m going to quibble, the beer range was limited and pricey, the food was just pub grub, the overall feel was a little cheap and cheerful. I only stayed for the first two games as I had a train to catch, but I understand they didn’t stay open for all of the last game (or they were open but the bar had closed? one of the night owls can confirm)

Overall, the place wasn’t amazing, but it is very handy to have an extra London option for watching games

Ok cool, sounds like another venue to add to the short list, thanks

It was a really good night and really good to watch nfl with such a good bunch of people. Really good to meet people from here. Shame about the downsides of the venue. Have to agree with Jon on those.
Maybe can arrange another one at some point.

Cheers to all who I met

Didn’t stay open for even start of last game bouncers came round during 2nd game and said they was closing when that game ended! Beer selection shite and very pricey. Even a tip expected to use the John with a dude in there. Surely a city as big as London and with US ex pats a plenty there must be US sports bars or pubs hidden away that cater fully for games. I wonder if away from central London might have a gem. Does Indigo o2 still do NFL nights?

Have to disagree with this bit - £5 a pint is standard/cheap for London.

I quite liked the venue - a bit of a dive bar and nice to have a table and quite a friendly crowd - but closing before the 3rd game (despite advertising show all 3!) was pretty terrible.

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Quite bump on this, trying to put forum usernames to faces - so is Andy @AWNFL ? And Dave’s @Steelers84 - should get you guys all on the WhatsApp group if you’re not already.