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Thanksgiving Squares

Hey All,

Sorry I have been absent from TFP for a while but only just got my PC working again - after buying a new hard-drive and getting a mates help to install and reload me windows - alas I lost all my programmes and files etc., on the kaput hard drive and just can’t seem to get this windows back to how I had it set up before.

However I digress - as I am going uptown to meet several other TFP’ers for the TG games in London I thought it would be fun if I ran my squares game on each of the three TG contests.

However with such short notice I have been up all night making the three required grids up and numbering the squares as I will use the raffle ticket system. If anyone wants in that’s not coming to the met up your more than welcome to join in to.

As there is such short notice I guarantee to put in for all unsold squares (or the last 10 on each grid) so I can take part to. I could be well out of pocket if I don’t sell the grids out and things go badly (like they did for me last year in the play offs when I tried this at a TFP wild card game meet up).

Any way to limit my exposure and as this is more for fun than serious gambling I have made each square just £1 this time with equal prizes of £25 for the first 3 quarters and final result of the game (to cover the eventuality of Over Time). So this time all money goes back out as prizes.

If you’ve played before and know how it works great - if not have a look at this video from a past Super Bowl where I explain the game… however just note this time the boxes are costing less and thus so are the prize pay-out less:

Squares Video

As I have only just got back online via my PC there will be no online grid on Google Sheets this time but I will load up here to this thread a picture of each grid before each respective game starts or when they have sold out - which ever is the sooner.

Also any one who buys any squares I do not see in person (and is not coming to the TG meet up at Belushi’s) I will get a proxy to select your squares by the raffle ticket system and inform you of your numbers ASAP so you will know them before the grid pics get posted up here.

So that’s it - hoping some of you will want a go and please spread the word.

Lastly please contact me to arrange payment if you will not see me in person prior to the games starting on Thursday.

So do you feel lucky - well do you?

Pictures of actual grids will be loaded up here just before kick off of each game to give me as much time to sell as many of the squares as I can - please make contact if you want any will sell right up and to kick off of each respective game.

Also if any one reading this is in Belushi’s bar London Bridge area look for the guy with blue hair and Black Lions top and buy them in person.

thanks BLM aka

So you can see your numbers (and everyone else’s) when grids are up loaded. Watch this space…

So sorry people I forgot to load this one up as we was transferring establishments and I was down how out of pocket I am on these games.

So here’s the 3rd one:


Good work Noel, thanks for organising - and great to catch up yesterday!

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Thanks Jon but am really wondering if I should persist with this game of mine as I put about 10 hours plus into these 3 grids and kind of spoiled my night missing kick-off of Lions game and fretting over how much I would loose not selling all the squares - am sure last seasons play-offs TFP meet up I took a hit on bigger stakes grids of about £50 and this year not worked it out yet as I have to chase up some people to pay as was so late getting off the ground had to take people word on buying but even if all cough up reckon I’m between £50 - £100 out of pocket over all three TG game grids. :cry:

On a brighter note indeed it was great catching up with you and the other guys and defo think we should do again for more games - maybe wild card weekend but defo find a better deal either that Belushi’s bar back room lounge you showed me before we left or the Casino Carlsberg sports bar we went to for late late game.

Note to all I will double check notes I made on night while out and then pay the winners out - plus chase those of you who I picked up e-mails and messages from to have a go and buy squares - so if ya names listed on the grids above and you haven’t paid me please sort this out (as I am already way out of pocket buy not selling the grids out and alas only 2 unsold squares being winners meaning I have to pay out £250 which entry fees won’t cover). I thank all of you who partook and apologise to those of you not at the TFP meet in person for uploading some of the grids a bit late online here - was hard being out on the move and doing these. If I do attempt to do a squares game once more I will start at least a week before hand (7 days prior to game) and if I don’t sell out will give up on this game idea once and for all.

free online grid

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Hey @bluelionman - don’t forget you paid my winner to me on the night, so don’t try to pay me a second time !!

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Quarter 1 - Mike Lewis (Vikings 7 / Lions 7)
Quarter 2 - Andy Düenner (Vikings 7 / Lions 10)
Quarter 3 - Mark Pearson (Vikings 10 / Lions 10)
Final Result - Dean Poole (Vikings 13 / Lions 16)

<imgsrc="/uploads/db6257/original/1X/d2552bf3edeb4e69ca63e374b5d082f748899fef.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”>

Quarter 1 - Dale Elleray (Redskins 0 / Cowboys 7)
Quarter 2 - Mike Lewis (Redskins 6 / Cowboys 17)
Quarter 3 - Mike Lewis (Redskins 6 / Cowboys 17)
Final Result - Andy Düenner (Redskins 26 / Cowboys 31)

Quarter 1 - Mike Lewis (Steelers 14 / Colts 0)
Quarter 2 - Unsold (Steelers 21 / Colts 7)
Quarter 3 - Unsold (Steelers 21 / Colts 7)
Final Result - Jon Cartwright (Steelers 28 / Colts 7)

Hi Noel,

A belated thanks for running this. I did not win this time but love the squares anyway

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Thanks Gordon I enjoy making the grids up despite the work involved with the raffle ticket system (I write numbers on back of each ticket) and like having a physical grid out with me at meet ups and with TFP easy enough to load a picture up. I am now fully recovered from my unsuccessful Thanks Giving forey and so willing to try again with 2 grids on the Wild Card Saturday meet up (7th Jan.).

Will make up grids as soon as teams in them first two games is known and sell in advance of game day as many squares as possible. Will stick to £1 grids for now - more for fun than big stakes so my exposure is limited.

All goes well will then maybe try for a £2 and £5 grid on the Super Bowl itself.