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Thanksgiving Free Fantasy game

Hi folks!

Very disappointed that I won’t be able to attend a drunken Thanksgiving NFL get together, which we have managed in one form or another for 4 of the last 5 years, I think.
To console myself, I am going to run a free mini-fantasy game for the 3 games taking place on Thanksgiving – with a very desirable prize on offer!

The real games

Texans @ Lions – 5.30 pm
Football Team @ Cowboys – 9.30 pm
Ravens @ Steelers – 1.30 am

The fantasy game

Pick a fantasy team as follows:

Your fantasy line-up must contain 1 from each of the 6 teams playing on Thanksgiving. So, for example, if you pick Matthew Stafford as your QB, you couldn’t have the Lions defence.

I will use the standard default nfl.com scoring (full details at https://digitalcare.nfl.com/hc/en-us/articles/215282437-Scoring - but it is essentially point-per-reception, and otherwise completely standard)

If possible I will post in-progress scores after the first and second games are finished (tiredness / drunkenness permitting…). Scoring and prize giving will be done by me ASAP, so if there are later stat corrections announced, they won’t be used

The prize

An XL size Ryan Fitzmagic t-shirt to the winner! (It was going to be a spot prize at the Originals live draft day, but that was another victim of COVID)

Entry rules

  • Send me your entry as a private message, either on here or on the Fan Pub Discord site.
  • One entry per person.
  • Entries no later than 12 hours before kick off (i.e. 5.30 am UK time) – so I have time to check for errors, and to publish a full list of entries well before the first kick off – it is a working day for me!
  • If two or more people get identical winning scores, I will contact them with a tiebreaker question

Am posting this early to give people advance notice, but I’ll do a reminder nearer the date.

Cheers, Jon

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Just to confirm, I will still run this game even though Ravens Steelers is postponed to Sunday

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Only just remembered to do this - I sent to you direct by e-mail is that okay?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

10 entries received, details in the picture below

  • 4 different QBs picked, Lamar and DeShaun were the most popular
  • Half the teams have Zeke as their RB
  • 5 different WRs, including two different Steelers. Terry Mac was the most popular pick
  • TJ Hockenson is in 4 teams, just ahead of Mark Andrews
  • Half the teams have the Steelers as their Defence
  • Matt Prater is the kicker of choice

In the end two managers chose duplicate teams, plus there were a couple of other similar ones


Scores after game 1

( I will add in game 2 tomorrow, and game 3 on Sunday night assuming it happens!)

Scores after game 2 - Adam stretches his lead thanks to Antonio Gibson’s magic night, and will be very hard to beat from here

Yep especially with Lamar Jackson out for 4 of the 10 teams. :football:

…aaand, after a six day wait for the AFC North to get its act together!

The final scores - nice efforts by Sam D and Dan A, but Adam has basically led this from start to finish. Nice work :clap: :clap:

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