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I obviously got the market wrong and there just are not that many people who fritter money away like myself and feel the £200 entry fee was dissuading more potential players than it was attracting. For this reason I am cutting the fee by half to £100 - however this means there will no longer be weekly prizes throughout the season - just end of season ones. Basically this league will be almost like my ‘TFP Originals’ league now with the only major differences being this league includes IDP’s, is a PPR league and in future years will allow keepers (max of 2 - under the set protocol rules - per returning GM’s).


I thought it would be good to have a stand alone thread for my new live offline drafting big stakes money league which I have now set up on NFL.com and named TFP ULTIMATES in honour of it being the most in-depth and long term money league I have ever set up - with future keepers (x2) with an entry fee of £100 per team.

On the original thread I posted what prizes would be but that was assuming I filled the league with 16 GM’s - as currently the league is not full prizes will be altered and adjusted based on the final numbers I get but this will be done in consultation with all who sign up and take part in this league. I can assure you now - no matter how few GM’s there is this will be going ahead as the draft kit with IDP add on pack has arrived from the USA (thanks Drew) and the venue (Toby Carvery - Redhill) is aware of this event going ahead on it’s premises so have no fear about it going ahead as it is 100%.

The live offline draft date is Saturday 29th August 2015

Maximum of 16 teams - but will run with less regardless.
Format of this custom league will PPR, IDP, WAB,

PPR = Points Per Reception
IDP = Individual Defensive Players
WAB = Waiver Acquisition Budget

This is the leagues inaugural year so draft position and Division make ups will all be blindly drawn on the draft day prior to the live draft commencing using an envelope system.

Draft Pick Trading - A trading of draft spots will be allowed between GM’s only for the current draft (not future years). It will have to be approved by a majority of the GM’s present - this may involve me putting it to the floor and havinga show of hands. The reason for this is it has been pointed out to me to allow draft pick trading in season could open up the door to someone swapping all nest years picks with no intention of coming back to try and win now and that would ruin the league and never then be able to get new GM’s to come in and take a team that’s traded all it’s spots away. So have made the draft pick trading just be prior and during the live draft to allow deals.

The following years draft positions will also be based on where you finish this year - further info will be posted when I know how big the league is year 1.

Also for future years *2 Keepers (*maximum of one Offensive and one Defensive player if keeping 2 players) will be selectable before the following years live draft from your previous years finishing team.

Entry fee per season will be £100 and league is run on NFL.com (results entered manually post live draft by me).

-*£300 set aside for draft kit, winners ring or trophy (winners prerogative) plus a carvery for McBear (helps with draft). *This will be adjusted down should the league not fill to the maximum of 16 Teams.

PRIZES (based on getting 16 teams in the league)
Super Bowl Winner - £600
Runner Up (S/B looser) - £300
Third Place - £200
Fourth Place - £100
Highest One Off Weekly Scorer (including post season matches) - £100

*Also any remaining funds from the £300 put aside to cover the draft kit and winners ring/trophy costs etc., will be saved towards buying a huge trophy down the line that all winners will have their details engraved on (sort of like the tall one in the TV series ‘The League’ for any of you that have seen that). When we have enough to get this it will be awarded to the winner annually and for them to look after until the next draft.

Inaugural Season Rules: (based on 16 teams and adjusted accordingly should there be less teams)

We will have 4 divisions of 4 teams - these will be drawn on the draft day itself prior to the live draft using envelopes.
Draft positions will also be drawn randomly on the day itself using envelopes.
In future seasons the Divisions will remain the same and draft spots will be decided by the previous years finishing positions using this formula -

For those teams that make the playoffs proper (teams finishing 1st-8th) draft order will be a reverse of the previous years finishing positions as decided by NFL.com - so the previous years champion will draft last in round 1 (16th) and the team finishing 8th (9th). [*excluding draft pick trading]

However if you’re not in the running for the title (i.e. in the playoffs proper), you are now playing for a higher draft position the following year - the way this works is the draft order for the non-playoff teams (9th - 16th) is inverted - to reward post season wins, however pointless they may seem at the time. The 8 proper playoff teams will still keep their draft positions (16th - 9th).

However the rest will go like this…

The team finishing 9th (i.e. best of the non-qualifiers) would have pick #1
The team finishing 10th (2nd best non-qualifier) would have pick #2
And so on, down to the team finishing 16th (worst non-qualifier) would have pick #8

I think this will be good for the league as you can’t just tank for a better draft spot the following year and also means if you sell all your best players for future higher round draft picks it will hurt you here in the post season games as these games are not totally dead rubber games anymore using this system and ultimately decide what spot you draft in the following season.

It will be a snake draft so whomever drafts last in round 1 will be first to draft in Round 2 and so on.

Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB) - Each team is allotted a seasonal budget. This seasonal budget is the amount of points that each team has at their disposal to bid on available players. The team with the highest bid wins that player and is charged the amount of WAB points that they bid to obtain the player. If you bid on a player, but lose to a higher bid, you do not forfeit the amount of points that you bid. All of the WAB points that you bid will be returned to your seasonal budget. In the event of a tie, the team with higher waiver priority will win the bid. For more information, visit Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB): Waiver Acquisition Budget

Keepers (from year II onwards)

Each team will be allowed to keep up to a maximum of 2 players however only one from each side of the ball (Offense/Defence). So in effect if keeping 2 players one has to be an IDP. You do not have to keep any players if you so wish, each team GM has the choice each year - 0, 1 or 2 players.

Keepers will cost you the draft position they were drafted in the previous season (regardless of who drafted them). Only exception to this is when the same owner keeps the same player in consecutive seasons - then the player shifts up 1 round per year - unless he’s a first round pick - for obvious reasons. Any player kept that was undrafted the previous year will count as a last round selection.

Lastly as Divisions will not change once they are set the first year as a bonus in future years each division can be renamed by the previous seasons Division winner.

Entry fees are to be paid in full by August 1st - or when joining if after this date anyone who has not paid by this date can be replaced by someone who is willing to pay right away.

I would like fees to be paid by PayPal please - though if you don’t have PayPal then cash or cheque (for the full amount) is fine.

Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits


•Running Back:

•Wide Receiver:

•Tight End:

•Wide Receiver / Running Back/ Tight End:


•Defensive Line:


•Defensive Back:

•Flex IDP:


View full custom league settings here: TFP ULTIMATES league settings



NAME / TFP Username (if member / when known) (area coming from) All info in bold when entry fee paid

1. SEAN CONNORS / Outsiders68 (Daventry, Northamptonshire)
2. JAMES TAYLOR / jrt55555 (Bristol)
3. DREW JOHNSTONE / scrumhalf (Florida, USA)
4. NATHAN WILLARD / USA_Wannabe (Southampton, Hampshire)
5. NEIL MALLON / ScoringSkins (St Albans, Hertfordshire)
16. NOEL SYMONDS / bluelionman - (Merstham, Surrey)

Further info about draft - this day is more than just a live draft but a chance to meet others who feel as passionate about the NFL and fantasy football as you do.

I encourage all of you to stay on after the draft and join me on a social tour of the pubs in Redhill town centre to unwind and talk football with your fellow GM’s breaking down how you think your draft went and just really getting to know you fellow opponents you will be competing against the rest of the year. On a Staurday night most town centre pubs are open to between 1 and 2am so plenty of time to do this - some have a DJ or live music at weekends and some have nothing - better for talking. I’d like to try each one to see which ones we all like best.

Also anyone who is willing to come to the draft early say about 12noon and lets me know in advance I will book a table for us to also break the ice and get lunch together - the venue is a Toby Carvery and they do a fantastic roast dinner for about £7. Also any of you that plan to drive to the venue they have a small free car park and unlimited refills on soft drinks - you pay about £2.90 for your first glass - Pepsi, Lemonade, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max and then after that just got to a machine and get ice - free refills as many times as you wish.

Also if any of you want to stay for the social pub crawl afterwards I would recommend the hotel next door as it is a Travelodge which shares the same car-park. Room rates vary - like flights supply and demand so longer you leave it more it will cost but the venue and hotel are both right next to Redhill train station which is also only 4 train stops (2 on faster services) from Gatwick airport so if you live further away or in Europe don’t be put off by the distance as this could be a great weekend break for you especially if you have budget flights from your local airport to London Gatwick.

The hotel next to the Toby Carvery (live draft venue): Travelodge Redhill


Great news that this one’s definitely on, Noel. Very excited now! Liking the league name as well.

As I’ve said before I’m definitely IN for this one so now that I know it’s definitely going ahead I’ll paypal you my fees shortly - looking forward to seeing my name turn BOLD.

Will definitely be up for coming up early for a predraft carvery as well. Looks like I’ll need to be back in Bristol on the Sunday though, so I’d need to drive back on the Saturday night but would still be up for staying out for the duration!

Mr. Symonds - you have been PayPal’ed :smile:

I’ll keep up spreading the word to hopefully fill up a few more spots.

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Well done and keep spreading the word

Thanks very much for your support much appreciated am hoping as more people start to think about NFL more people will get on line and start looking for leagues - I would dearly love to get more entrants but it is what it is and it will go ahead come what may.


Well, I put a post on every single South East England-based BAFA, BUAFA and BAFA Flag team’s Facebook pages on Saturday morning hoping that I could interest some of their players/fans on this one, but looks like no luck as of yet.

As Noel’s said before, hopefully now we’re into August people will start turning their minds back to the NFL and fantasy football and we can still fill up a few more spots.

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Think this is probably a good move, Noel. May be worth letting the TFP Originals guys know we’ve lowered the price for this one to see if there’s any interest from them now?

I’m still up for giving this league a go - but just to be clear, if any of the people who have signed up for the TFP Ultimates haven’t paid up / aren’t attending the draft I would be very happy to switch over to the Originals league and fill the spot - just let me know!

Also, conscious I’ve paid ypu £200 already - happy for you to hold on to my extra £100 for now and I’ll probably end up applying it towards some of your other games (survivor, sweepstake, etc) assuming you’re running them again this year?


Hi Noel,

I would be very interested in a keepers league, ppr format is ok, but the IDP positions put me off. More offensive positions would be fine but I just don’t know enough about defensive players to feel i could compete

Noel I’ll declare my position as a no to Saturday simply because I’m on nappy duty so that I can spend the whole of Sunday with you guys

I know nothing about IDP myself - IDP so many can score big one week and not so much another that in a smaller league its not that important just pick up who’s on form out of Free Agency - for me this helps you learn the defensive game and pay more attention when watching games to see Defensive players that are good/stand out. Myself I plan to just go online and print me off an IDP Cheat Sheet - a bit of Googling for injuries to cross them guys out and just go from that after I have filled my starting offensive spots (excluding Kicker) with the exception of 1 or 2 IDP stars I may reach for as we all heard of them and I want 1 of them.

Thanks for replying,


Okay buddy - will pay your £100 back on account with me to use toward other games going forward. Please help spread the word this league is now only £100… hopefully this will get some take up. I have messaged the Originals so will see - think some think the leagues are so similar that doing 2 dilutes the enjoyment so really need new faces to make another great league - feel sure they must be out there as I filled my originals one so easy compared to this - can’t believe they is the only guys that would be into this and happy to pony up £100 for a seasons serious enjoyment…



No probs Shani but please re-spread the word for me now cost is reduced.



Thanks Noel. Have re-posted on Facebook to let groups know about the new price, hopefully it may pique someone’s interest.

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This is the type of league I would be interested in, unfortunately I can’t attend the offline draft. If it changes to an online i will be in, if not noel is there room to start an extra online draft maybe?

Hi noel, I interested in joining league as discussed as superbash in Feb and just logged in to search about it. Only problem is that it’s friends bday Saturday. And as Sunday date is already full, So could attend if I can escape early, what sort of time is draft expected to start and finish.

Really gutted to hear you can’t make it - live drafts really are so much more fun than online. Alas I am in far to many leagues already so I won’t be doing any more - however loads of people are advertising various ones on NFLUK and even here so if you just go have a look. about sure your find something to suit you. I ran other money leagues that I advertised for ages on here and all filled now (some have even drafted) so people should of jumped on them earlier - I would advise people that are dead set on certain types of money leagues to start looking earlier next year so not miss out.

That’s a really hard one to judge shaggytrist - at the moment as there’s not many of us it will finish a hell of a lot quicker than a full 16 player one. What time to do you have to meet your mates at?
I would imagine we will all be done by 5pm if not before - but if I get more numbers who knows?
I have never done a live draft with IDP’s before and plan to start earlier this year - about 1pm’ish.

Cheers noel, I’m already in your £50 auction league but like to join one more. Can’t see any more on here with spaces left but will check out nfl uk, would prefer to join one more on here though as it’s seems a good group of people