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TFP Originals Poll 2 - Prizes

Hi all,
Now that Poll 1 is closed, here is the next one. A few people have made suggestions about how prize money is divided up. Just to confirm, we are not planning to change the £100 entry stake this hear – though I suspect that will be up for review in 2018!

The Current format for prizes is:
Winner £600
Runner up £300
Third £200
High score £200
Other £300 (draft kit, winner’s ring, general running costs etc)

We have had a strong view that the prize for the high score can come down, also that the ‘other’ element could come down as the majority are not worried about spending a lot on the trophy or ring. There are also some views which have been said by just a few people (1) prizes for division winners to help boost the division rivalry (2) prize for the winner of the end of season consolation bracket, in other words the playoff between the bottom eight, (3) bigger cash prize for the winner

So I am proposing we either keep things as they are, or go with one of the following:

Spread the wealth
Winner £450
Runner Up £250
Third £100
High Score £100
Consolation playoff £100
Division winner £100 X 4 winners
Other £200 (draft kit, winner’s ring, general running costs etc)

Top Heavy
Winner £800
Runner Up £300
Third £100
High Score £100
Consolation playoff £100
Other £200 (draft kit, winner’s ring, general running costs etc)

Votes please - you have a week!

  • Current Format
  • Spread the Wealth
  • Top Heavy

0 voters

I personally think the 3rd place prize can be done away with.

Don’t like spread the wealth option but am happy with as it is or the top heavy version

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don’t forget to vote!

Will leave this open a couple of extra days, in case we can get a few more votes. Will close at the weekend regardless

OK, only 5 votes for this one, even fewer than the Waiver option poll. Results posted for info, but this maybe isn’t the best way to get people’s opinions. Folks seemed unhappy this time last year that not much was happening in the off season, but I’ve not been getting much response to the posts this year.

Al has kindly set up a Whatsapp group for the league, so I will post a couple of these questions at the weekend to see if I get any more comments (and more generally gauge who is a definite / probable / possible for the year ahead ) - I know a few of you have been making a real effort to join in so far and it’s appreciated - will see if we can get a few more to this party !

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Opps with my PC issues think I missed this one - so yes sorry I was the late one (6th voter) in the original poll. However I just rushed to cast a vote to show I seen this (all be it belatedly) but can have no complaints with majority outcomes as everyone including me should know to check here (TFP) in the off season to have an input in how the league develops or changes.