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TFP Originals 2017 - Announcement!

Hi folks,
As some of you know, Noel has asked me to be co-commissioner with him from this year onwards in the classic " TFP Originals " live draft fantasy league. We’ve had a few chats recently and can now announce:

2017 Live Draft Date: Saturday September 2nd
2017 Live Draft Location: Southampton

…so that is one you can stick in your diaries now!

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We wanted to also give you a bit of advance notice about what will be happening over the off-season, so here is a rough plan

  • Next few weeks sees us all focussing on enjoying the Conference Championships and Superbowl - and after that I am dashing off on holiday - which is why we wanted to get the date out to you now rather than have everyone in the dark for several weeks

  • March I will run a few polls on possible tweaks to the league rules - for instance, choosing a preferred waiver wire method, and also changes to how the prize money is distributed. If you’ve got any thoughts on changes, feel free to message me and I will take any suggestions into account

  • April, once all the polls are complete, I will issue the official 2017 league rules, taking account of any changes we have voted for. I will also announce full details of the exact location of the draft ( I have a few contenders that I will be sizing up… chances are we will rotate round Southampton, Redhill and possibly other venues in the south over the coming seasons). At that point you’ll have plenty of league info so we will start signing up any players from 2016 who want to return

  • May, if there are spaces to fill, we will open these up first to people on Noel’s waiting list. and then to the wider world

  • June, I will start sorting out some of the social side of things - working out who is going to be in town for the Friday and / or Saturday evenings, and planning where to eat, drink etc

Finer details to be filled in over the summer, but I hope this gives people some starting information. If you have any questions, drop me a line or post on this thread, and Noel and I will work out an answer where we can.

cheers all !
Jon and Noel


I shall be returning


me too, looking forward to next season already and we don’t even have the superbowl finalists for this season yet! Honestly, as a community we are making massive changes for the better this year and it’s exciting to be a part of!


Yep Jon is taking the lead this year and hopefully people like the new co-share and variance in host locations.

To make it easier for people to find (and Jon to copy and paste wherever needed) this is the official waiting list carried over from last year:


Name / TFP Username - (Location)

  1. ANDY SMITH / Rick_Spangle - (Hove, East Sussex)
  2. DREW JOHNSTONE / scrumhalf - (Florida, USA) withdrew for 2016 [date didn’t work]
  3. ALAN ZREIK / Alan_Zreik - (Gidea Park, Essex)
  4. IAN WRAY / grecian2010 - (Weybridge, Surrey)

I think I withdrew so Drew could take the sabattical Noel

Awesome work guys.

Couple of points i’d like to raise for a potential vote.

  1. I’d like to see the winner decide whether he’d want a Championship ring / trophy, or just cash. Personally i don’t wear jewellery so would opt for a purely financial prize.

  2. A small financial reward for the winner of the Consolation Ladder giving the 8 teams who fluffed the regular season something to aim for at the end of the season.

  3. The 4 team division structure. I don’t believe it served it’s purpose (to enhance rivalry), and has the potential to create a very unbalanced season in terms of schedule strength.

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cheers Chris- will add your points to my “things for next phone call with Noel” list!


Noel and Jon,
I would be more than happy to put my name forward for another go in this league. As with every previous year though, my schedule is only set 3-4 weeks before hand and I cannot guarantee being available on the 2nd of Sept in Southampton. While I am happy to facetime for the draft if not available, it rather defeats the purpose of a live draft league.


Awesome - hope you can make it, Drew. Several new bars in town to try out, and Sarah says Hi!

Hey Jon/Noel, I’m on holiday that day so I’m doubtful to make it.

I think having Jon as co-commish is a great move for the league going forward, and Southampton works much better for me, as well as being a fun city. Will see if there is anything I can do to make it.


Darn, would be a shame not to have ‘The Champ’ at the big day… fingers crossed you can wangle a way to join us :+1:

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Hi Jon / Noel

I’d love to be added to the wait list for The Originals, if possible. My CV now includes a Superbowl win from a certain 2016 league… :wink:

IAN WRAY / grecian2010 - (Weybridge, Surrey)




Nice one Ian - will add you now.

Count me in again guys. Love the new changes and will be there to support you both. Personally not a fan of the 4 team divisions either as you could win one with a negative record. Much bigger achievement winning a bigger league imho but will go with what you guys decide


Love the changes but need a little time to confirm whether I can commit.


No rush, fella :thumbsup:

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Think i’m out this year sorry guys, little one on the way in the summer and a bit further away for me

Congratulations mate. Where do you live? Is the Nothern expansion any closer?

Norwich so east of england. Not heard much about the Nothern Expansion?

Yeah it’s new for this year. I believe Dean and Mark are creating, so we have a league in the South, Midlands and the North!