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‘TFP ORIGINALS’ 2017 - £100 Live Fantasy Draft in Southampton

I’ll wait till i have a better car before i stump up for that number plate lol

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The mind games have started!

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Sounds like a great day planned Jon - very sad I can’t make it this year (I’m up in the Lake District) but will definitely be throwing my hat back in the ring next year.

Good luck all!


My car reg is KH56 SGV and is a black Vauxhall Astra

@JonCartwright Can you add my car reg for the parking? My reg is GY15 RUA

Thanks! (And I’d probably recommend we delete our reg numbers here here after the weekend :smiley: )

Hope everyone is ready. 224 draft picks to make…


Draft Day - Time to reclaim my title. See you all in a few hours.

Folks - all the rosters are uploaded, and WAB points have been adjusted. Could you take a moment to check your team looks right (let me know if not!).
Please don’t add or drop any players just yet - I will give you the all clear in a day or so, so that you can make last minute changes before football starts again on Thursday.

Thanks to all for making the trip to Southampton - I enjoyed it, hope you did too. Great to have 10 people out for a beer and curry afterwards(and only a “5 minute” walk from the draft room…)

If you have any great pics of the day, please post on here!


Excellent fun Jon - thanks for being a great host and thanks to your wife for the yummy cakes.
Was a great day… though I think I should make sure I get breakfast before drinking next year as I lost the plot a tad towards the end of the draft - to busy chatting rather than crossing off players. Apologies all. Still can’t quite believe I picked the wrong Kicker sticker! :blush:

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It was a great day all in all. Thank you Jon. Sorry I couldn’t hang around for the beers and curry. But you can count me in for next season.

The wrong kicker situation had me in stitches. I genuinely hope Sea Bass has a career year now for Noel.


The final edited screen grabs for posterity…

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All time leaderboard for the league…


I am fantasy Dalton! 24 regular season losses doesn’t seem too bad when you consider 11 of them came in the 1st season lol

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Really interesting stats Jon - I so want to feature in column D! :football:

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Now I’m depressed!!

The only way is up…!

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A most pleasing list :wink:

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8 out of 28? I don’t totally suck! :blush:


Your actually 7th (out of 27) Adam as row 1 is column title headers (not a player). :grinning: