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Due to poular demand we have been given the go ahead to create a spill over second league. This is down to the success of the TFP Originals league which is now starting its third year.

It will be a live face to face draft, £100 entry fee, 16 GM’s ideally, be a complete redraft every year & be block defences - NOT IDP’s.

Date set August 6th 12 noon turnpike beefeater Northampton

As there are at least two people on the waiting list and two teams in the originals run by two coaches it feels the time is right to attempt a second league.

My hope is this will be a fully filled 16 team league by draft day. I plan to draft over a weekend in July before pre Season near Northampton.

We will be using very similar rules to the originals league and we will be taking many things from it.

The costs will all be the same in terms of entry fee.

That’s a £100

I will shortly be fleshing this out but for the moment just tell me if your interested in joining.

Those that have paid are highlighted in bold thank you for the support!

SO far

I have

Me commissioner (stato)

Sean Connors (Quack Attack)

Kieron Connors

Alan Roberts (alan_feelers)

Dean Poole

Anders Clausen (Black Monday Sissies)

Jane spear

Mark Dimmock (markdimmock812)

James Taylor (jrt55555)

Jon Cartwright (South Coast Owls)

Ian Wray

Shani Senaratne (Neccesary Violence)

Alan Zreik ( ‘Big Eyed Clams’ )

Gordon Fraser (Franchise Lock Down)

George bellhouse Edwards

Sam Topham

Alan Philbin (not sure if I’ve spelt that right?)



Anyone else?


Count me in too please Sean.

Sean - is it okay to put the word out on this forthcoming league? If so I’ll direct them to this thread to keep it simple

Yes Dean pleae do and thanks

Your in thank you very much

July draft seems very early!

It’s not in stone but will need to balance drafting with the originals league may end up being mid August

I’m in for this one, Sean

Good man thanks name added

Just added Ian Wray !!

Half full before end of current season, that’s very promising and shows that a well run league with a trusted commish is the way to go, the days of the anonymous online drafts are numbered.


Agreed, Dean

Sean - I’m happy to spread the word on this one but will wait until the details on this thread are a little more filled in so new people can know what they’re signing up to.

I promise to fully detail this league this week …so new people have as many details as I can provide…

Sounds good Sean

By the way, you mentioned on WhatsApp that you would plan to use a more exciting way to determine the draft position of each person, which has piqued my interest!

Would you care to divulge or is that to be kept secret at the moment?!

I’m going to use a simple NFL dice game not sure yet on details but I thought something like a team uses the dice to gain as many yards as possible… Furthest gets the first pick…ect

It’s simple fun and American football based

Sounds interesting, Sean

Not a big thing Sean but may I suggest you add peoples surnames (and TFP user names) to your waiting list.

My reasoning for this is 2 fold - the first being when and if you get more than one person with the same first name - so a couple of Paul’s or Jason’s etc., one might think it is them on the list and then when league fills with say just 1 Jason listed but 2 come out of the woodwork saying they thought spot was there’s as they told you they was in way back when on Facebook, TFP, Watts App, Twitter or in conversation yada, yada, yada, what do you do - someone feels aggrieved - so can be avoided now.

Second reason and probably more pertinent is when you have surnames & usernames it helps people put faces to names as someone out there might think they don’t know anyone in the league but really they do and that could be the swinging factor for them to step up and join as when you have surnames (and usernames for that matter) some one might think arr ‘CitrusPlayer’ that’s the dude that posts loads on TFP - I like his passion / I trust him - I’d like to be in a league with him - where as Gordon - they might not know real name or for that matter his first name. Other times surnames/usernames people might recognise if they have done fantasy games of mine for several years and think I know them lads (online only) but yeah I’ll have some of that!

Just my suggestion but this is your baby Commissioner.

Ok good points as usual will add those derails as best I can …

Marked in bold are those that have paid!!

So tell me what you want to see in this league

Any thoughts on a date yet Sean?