TFP / BLM - NFL 1 & Done! - 2023/24 (£20 entry fee) - Starting from NFL Week 3!


(enter before main slate of games start on Sunday - 24 September 2023)

Entry Fee £20 - (limit of 1 entry per person)

Hey are you an NFL fantasy football fanatic - yes, then read on…

This is only the third year of running my newest in-house NFL game. This is the fantasy game I always wanted to have on TFP years ago but alas I don’t have the computer skills to make a website nor am I rich enough to pay someone else to make it a reality so alas cannot have a nice shiny product that makes it easier for you all to enter and from my point of view a programme that does all the scoring automatically for me.

So once again I will score it manually myself and run the game via the TFP forum and Google Sheets.

I had 5 entries last season (and one of those was mine) so wonder if I can get at least half a dozen entries this year?
That would be nice but it’s like anything, build it and hope they will come - even if it takes time to gain traction. This game is totally my own idea and a game I wanted to be exclusive to TFP’s website. I’ve not seen another NFL game like this anywhere else out there as yet.

Firstly, I like a game that covers the whole season so this game usually would start from NFL Week 1 up to and including the Super Bowl but for this year only it will start in NFL Week 3 as I was so tardy at getting so many NFL games and fantasy leagues set up in time for the start of the season I ran out of time so this one I was going to pass up - but a few weeks in I am really missing it and decided I put so much effort into it the past few years it would be a shame to give up on it so I am starting it late.

How it works

You pick a new team every week that consists of one each of following positions:


There is no budget - that’s right pick studs or unknowns it’s totally your decision.

You can find a list of Head Coaches, Players and Team Defence’s here:


(Just ignore the values as this is a player list I update annually and use for another game of mine that does use values - though you could use the values listed as a rough guide as to who the premium players are.)

Now the catch with this game is, as the games title alludes to (1 & Done!), you can only ever select any player, team defence or head coach once. Yes, you read that correctly, only one time over *22 game weeks (*​this year 20 game weeks due to the NFL Week 3 start). Furthermore, just to make it even harder and to offer up strategy the post season weeks are worth more points the deeper you go.

Wild Card x2
Divisional x3
Championship x4
Super Bowl x5

Having these extra bonus points at the back end of the season makes for some very tough decisions - do you use the studs early and get points on the board, but then only have backups and 2nd, 3rd or 4th stringers to pick from come the post season - or what if you swerved studs to use later and they get injured or the teams you thought would make post season don’t. This is a mine field that not only you have to navigate, but so does everyone else - it’s your judgement trying to identify who will score you big points each week and which teams will make a deep run, in post season. So many variables and here is another - due to having to manually do all the scoring and team updates myself I am restricting this game to one entry per person. No multi-teamers I’m afraid. It’s one entry only per person.

You must post your entry on this thread each week.

This game has staggered entry deadlines - to make it easier for me as I have to do the scoring manually and don’t have a flash website that can be set to lock at individual game times I have had to make deadlines be the first game of any day so the scheduled kick-off of the first game of any day is the deadline for all that days games.

YOU MUST NEVER EDIT A POST - as this will invalidate your entry (as you could cheat) so you must post again between deadlines. For instance, if you want HC/players/Team DEF in the Thursday night game you must post an entry before that games scheduled kick off - and those TNF players will be set in stone/locked. But if you change your mind on your other players or didn’t pick any yet for say Sunday’s or Monday’s games you can make a fresh new post before the first scheduled game on the Sunday (usually 13:00 US ET) and then I will take the last entry you posted as long as it was posted before the first game scheduled for Sunday (not an edited post). Also same applies to Monday’s games - this is great news if you have forgotten to do an entry in time for Sunday’s games as you can do a last day saver and just pick players from the MNF games to avoid missing out on points for that week. Also, you cannot re-pick/change players from games/teams already played on earlier days - if you posted players for an earlier days game(s) they are locked.

I would love to allow changes with deadlines being the start of each individual games start time but alas it would just be too much work - that’s why I wish I had the skills to make a fantasy games website to attach to the TFP website where players could lock at their individual game times but alas, I just don’t have those skills. So, what I offer is a compromise with daily deadlines (deadline always first game of the day) but also the chance to select a reserve for the individual skill player positions - QB, RB, WR, TE and K. Use this template to post your entry on this thread (TFP 1 & DONE):

HC -
QB -
RB -
TE -
K -


QB -
RB -
WR -
TE -
K -

You do not get a HC or team DEF reserve but you do for each individual skill position player. Your reserve will only be used if your original pick does not play - also your reserves only count as having been used if subbed into your starting team to replace an inactive/out player. Meaning you can pick them again in the future if they have not been subbed into your starting line-up. Likewise, the player replaced will no longer count as used - so you get a do over with them. Just remember not to select anyone you’ve already used (as in that case a reserve will not be swapped in if you have started a player already picked in a previous week). What would really help you to know who you have used is have a cheat sheet (like used for drafting in fantasy games) and cross off players you have used as the season goes along.

Reserve choices also lock with the first game of any day and can only be changed if are from a team that is scheduled to play on a later day of the week.

To make it easy to know what players you have used I suggest making a copy of the players list on Google Sheets - just go to my players list and click on file (near the top left in the menu bar) - select ‘make a copy’ and save it. Then you can just use that copy to mark off (highlight) all the players you have used as the season goes along to make sure you don’t pick the same ones twice.

Rules Clarification - If you do select a Player/Head Coach/Defence for a second (or third) time etc., then you will score zero points for those extra times you selected them - YOU WILL NOT GET AN AUTO SWAP IN OF YOUR RESERVE PLAYER. This is because in practice sometimes this extra use is not picked up right away by me and if discovered much later on, then you could have already used the reserve you had selected for that week. It opens up a nightmare admin wise and after all its each entrant’s own responsibility to check they are selecting valid teams each week (so keep a record of who you have picked previously). So, the rule will be if you select any Head Coach/Player/Defence more than once you will score zero points for the extra times you selected them. If this is only picked up later or in an audit conducted at the end of the season, then the points will be deducted for the extra usages when discovered.

I will confirm prizes after I know how many entries I get, but in honour of my favourite home team player when I first got into American Football (Barry Sanders) the entry fee will be £20 - as 20 was his jersey number for the Lions.

If I get 10 entries or less, it will be Winner Takes All, 11+ entries it will be 1st & 2nd.

So, I’ve built it - as best I can - now I need some players to come take part.

best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member



PS As this is a TFP forum game and entries must be posted on this thread entries will not have team names but use your TFP Forum Username.

Weekly entries and scores will be recorded here:

TFP / BLM - NFL 1 & Done! - 2023/24 - Entered Teams

A Standings Table (updated weekly) can be viewed here:

TFP - 1 & Done - 2023/24 - Standings Table

Hi Noel

I am in, here is my team for week 3

HC - Pete Carroll

QB - Kirk Cousins

RB - Kyren Williams

WR - Mike Williams

TE - Kyle Pitts

K - Cam Dicker

DEF - Jaguars


QB - Justin Fields

RB - Kenneth Walker

WR - Smith Njigba

TE - Hunter Henry

K - Kaimi Fairbairn

I’m in. Is it not better starting from week 4 ? Give time for some more players

I did think about that Gary but sad fact is no matter how hard I tried last season people were resistent so I could waste a week sloging away promoting this with zero extra uptake. So thought I could get back those who played last year with perhaps 1 more ontop. You could help spread word, post link on social media NFL forums and sing praises of game. Help take load off me trying convince new players give it a go.

Of course I am in

HC - Mike Vrabel - TEN
QB - Gardner Minshew - IND
RB - Alexander Mattison - MIN
WR - Treylon Burks - TEN
TE - Hunter Henry - NE
K - Cairo Santos
DEF - Raiders


QB - Stafford - LAR
RB - Jacobs LVR
WR - Dotson WAS
TE - Bates WAS
K - Slye - Was

HC - Kevin O’Connell MIN
QB - Kirk Cousins MIN
RB - Jerome Ford CLE
WR - Justin Jefferson MIN
TE - TJ Hockenson MIN
K - Daniel Carlson LVR
DEF - New England Patriots


QB - Matt Stafford LAR
RB - Craig Reynolds DET
WR - Jayden Reed GB
TE - David Njoku CLE
K - Anders Carlson GB

Frank reich
Andy dalton
Jerome foord
Keenan allen
Cole kmet
Eddy pinerio
Carolina defense

Amended team

HC - Kevin O’Connell MIN
QB - Kirk Cousins MIN
RB - Joshua Kelley LAC
WR - Justin Jefferson MIN
TE - TJ Hockenson MIN
K - Daniel Carlson LVR
DEF - New England Patriots


QB - Matt Stafford LAR
RB - Craig Reynolds DET
WR - Jayden Reed GB
TE - David Njoku CLE
K - Anders Carlson GB

I’m also in

HC - Kyle Shanahan (SF)
QB - Jalen Hurts (PHI)
RB - Josh Jacobs (LV)
WR - Stefon Diggs (BUF)
TE - Travis Kelce (KC)
K - Greg Zuerleon (NYJ)
DEF - Cleveland Browns


QB - Josh Allen (BUF)
RB - Alvin Kamara (NO)
WR - CeeDee Lamb (DAL)
TE - Sam LaPorta (DET)
K - Daniel Carlson (LV)

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Okay guys here’s my entry with 11 mins to today’s deadline:

You can’t pick SF or NYG players as they have already played (on Thursday night).

As I got my game launched after that game had taken place (TNF) I will allow you to post a HC from a team that has not yet kicked off - so your post time will be crucial as I will check it against start times. If you miss teams playing later today you will have MNF teams to choose from.

Normally picking a player that has already played would result in no points but as this is first week and game launched after TNF am making an allowance - as I think you are also a brand new player.

Below I will list all entrants. When payment is received by me I will BOLD (plus put an American football) :football: next to those entrants. Please pay ASAP so I can confirm prizes. Any non paid for entries when we hit October will be deleted and entrant put on my blacklist (meaning can’t enter any of my games for a period of 1 year).

TFP 1 & Done 2023/24 Entrants (6)

bluelionman / Noel Symonds :football:

brfcfan / Barry jenkinson :football:

duenni / Andy Duenner :football:

pauliebedders / Paul Bedford :football:

gazj885 / Gary Johnson

bersch1986 / Sven Berger :football:

Week 4 team

TE - Luke Musgrave GB

Rest to be confirmed later

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HC - Tomlin

QB - Herbert

RB - Jacobs

WR - Jefferson

TE - Hockenson

K - Gay

DEF - Broncos


QB - Lawrence

RB - Robinson

WR - Adams

TE - Andrews

K - Maher

Week 4

HC - Robert Saleh
QB - Zach Wilson
RB - Kendre Miller
WR - Adam Thielen
TE - Mike Gesicki
K - Anders Carlson
Defence - Houston Texans

QB - Sam Ehlinger
RB - Khalil Herbert
WR - Devin Duvernay
TE - Durham Smythe
K - Dustin Hopkins

NFL Week 4 (entry)

HC Brandon Staley LAC
QB Trevor Lawrence JAX
RB Zack Moss IND
WR Calvin Ridley JAX
TE Evan Engram JAX
K Younghoe Koo ATL


QB Daniel Jones NYG
RB Kyren Williams LAR
WR Christian Kirk JAX
TE Darren Waller NYG
K Cairo Santos CHI

Amended team

HC - Shane Steichen IND
QB - Russell Wilson DEN
RB - Roschon Johnson CHI
WR - Adam Thielen CAR
TE - Luke Musgrave GB
K - Matt Gay IND
DEF - Indianapolis Colts


QB - CJ Stroud HOU
RB - Dameon Pierce HOU
WR - Nico Collins HOU
TE - n/a
K - Houston Texans

Week 4 team

HC - Sean Payton Den
QB - Matt Staffird LAR
RB - Dameon Pierce HOU
WR - Jordan Addison MIN
TE - Taysom Hill NO
K - Ka‘imi Fairbairn HOU
DEF - Texans


QB - Dobbs ARI
RB - Jacobs LVR
WR - Dotson WAS
TE - Bates WAS
K - Slye WAS

Shane steichien
Aiden o connel. Reaerve bryan hoyer
Zack moss. Reserve trey sermon
Tyler lockett reserve dk metcalf
Adam trautman reaerve hunter henery
Matt gay reserve jason myers
Indianpolia defense

HC Campbell
QB Tagavailoa
RB Hall
WR St Brown
K Maher
DEF Lions

QB Stroud
RB Achane
WR Chase
TE Andrews
K Fairbairn

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