TFP / BLM - NFL 1 & Done! - 2022/23 (£20 entry fee)

Of course :man_facepalming: can i put Pat Freiermuth Steelers as reserve

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NFL Week 12 Entries

HC - Pete Carroll SEA
QB - Andy Dalton NO
RB - Ken Walker SEA
WR DeAndre Hopkins ARI
TE - Robert Tonyan GB
K - McManus DEN
DEF - Taco Holders


QB - Matt Ryan IND
RB - Deon Jackson
WR - Higgins CIN
TE - Pat Freiermuth PIT
K - Butker KC

My Defense is Washington so tjat should be clear :joy:

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@stevefringe - I had to go find my rules e-mail as I was unsure what I had written and sadly for you going by my game rules I can’t sub you in your Reserve TE as that’s only allowed for inactive players - not double used players - alas you have already used the TE Juwan Johnson Saints in NFL Week 8.

I also suggested in first post on this thread and in original game rules e-mail sent out before season started where I advised keeping a record of picks you have used to avoid making this exact error (as some did do this last season). I myself keep a spread sheet for my players used - it does help.

No problem at all Noel, rules are rules and its my oversight pal

Steve :+1:t2:

Turns out player (Juwan Johnson) played and scored zero fantasy points yesterday so made no odds to you in this instance, quite strange that outcome really. :man_shrugging:

Shows just how crapn I am at this game🤣

But do you enjoy it?

  • also I don’t think all our scores are that far apart after 12 weeks - one good week - or bad week can really shift ones position. The playoffs also will be key with the multipliers!

Can a take rhamondre stevenson tonight please

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NFL Week 13 Entries

HC - Kevin Stefanski CLE
QB - Jared Goff DET
RB - D. Montgomery CHI
WR - Amari Cooper CLE
TE - Foster Moreau LV
K - Younghoe Koo ATL
DEF - Browns


QB - Matt Ryan IND
RB - Alvin Kamara NO
WR - K. Allen LAC
TE - Bates WAS
K - Butker KC

NFL Week 13 Entries

  1. Do not edit your post as it will invalidate it.
  2. Copy this template and post with your picks / reserves before first game of any day.

HC -
QB -
RB -
TE -
K -


QB -
RB -
WR -
TE -
K -

NFL Week 13 (entry)

HC Kevin Stefanski CLE
QB Justin Fields CHI
RB Austin Ekeler LAC
WR CeeDee Lamb DAL
TE Foster Moreau LV
K Jason Myers SEA


QB Aaron Rodgers GB
RB Aaron Jones GB
WR A.J. Brown PHI
TE Robert Tonyan GB
K Greg Zuerlein NYJ
HC Mike McCarthy DAL HC
QB Mike White NYJ QB Justin Herbert LAC
RB Rachaad White TB RB Josh Jacobs LV
WR Garrett Wilson NYJ WR Treylon Burks TEN
TE Dalton Schultz DAL TE Tyler Higbee LAR
K Harrison Butker KC K Matt Gay LAR

Joe burrow
Tee higgins
Hayden hurst
Cade york brown’s reserve grham gano
Cleveland defense

Week 13

HC Doug Pederson
QB Trevor Lawrence Jax
RB Derrick Henry Titans
WR Wandale Robinson Giants
TE Pat Freiemuth Steelers
K B McManus Denver

QB Carson Wentz wash
RB Nick Chubb briwns
WR Marvin Jones jax
Te Robert Tonyan Gb
K E pineriro carolina

So if I pick someone I already used I don‘t get a mulligan?

I don’t play golf so not exactly sure what a Mulligan is but Steve Smith made this same error only last week as I posted above and I had to look back up the rules and it clearly states under Rules Clarification (in the very first post in this thread) the following:

Rules Clarification - If you do select a Player/Head Coach/Defence for a second (or third) time etc., then you will score zero points for those extra times you selected them - YOU WILL NOT GET AN AUTO SWAP IN OF YOUR RESERVE PLAYER. This is because in practice sometimes this extra use is not picked up right away by me and if discovered much later on, then you could have already used the reserve you had selected for that week. It opens up a nightmare admin wise and after all its each entrant’s own responsibility to check they are selecting valid teams each week (so keep a record of who you have picked previously). So, the rule will be if you select any Head Coach/Player/Defence more than once you will score zero points for the extra times you selected them. If this is only picked up later or in an audit conducted at the end of the season, then the points will be deducted for the extra usages when discovered.

So it’s black and white what happens if you re-use any player/Head Coach/Team Defence.

I myself have to go back and check every entrants team periodically - not just my own weekly - yet you only have to go back and check yours - if you felt the need, so what do you expect?

I only noticed this so quickly this time around because you only picked this player 2 rounds ago so I saw it - plain as day as I was scrolling over to do this weeks scoring.

Could you not of done that, every entrants weekly team is on that ‘Entered Teams Google Sheet’. It’s all about time I know, trust me I spend hours behind the scenes on my games and leagues I am commissioner of that people just don’t see. Doing the scoring, checking for strikes etc.

So is it to much to ask entrants to be responsible for their own entries, get entries and trades done with in time. Also earlier in the season a few players missed an early deadline - with the IS game in London or Germany I think it was - think it was Gary and Abraham. They pleaded to be allowed to enter still with the later teams games but I felt obligated to stick to the rules as published other wise it sets a slippery vague grey area slope. So it’s the same for everyone - the rules apply to all - peeps must post before first game of any day. So they both had to re-pick players from just MNF for that week - as it turns out MNF was a shoot out that week and it paid off for them handsomely.

So I guess it’s down to entrants, how much time they want to spend on their entries and how thourgh they wish to be. Once you have chosen your team you could check back weekly to check you have not picked any of those players previously or do like I have done this season (after I made this error last season myself). Copy the Gridiron Players list - Google Sheets allows you to make a copy of a file - and then mark off the players you pick each week so you don’t pick them again. That’s what I have been doing and it has saved me a few times - alas it’s has not helped me pick the right players on the right weeks to score big. I still need a better method for that.

no worries my sd

my bad

FYI - I am taking RB Josh Jacobs (LV) in TNF tonight. (Raiders@Rams) NFL Week 14.