TFP AUCTION DRAFT - (Year 9) £50 Money League (2023)

TFP Auction Draft (year 9) is a go.

TFP AUCTION DRAFT (Sleeper Money League) Year 9 / 2023

This is my newest money league (started in 2015). This is a PPR league!

The live draft for TFP AD 2023 is:

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2023 at 8:30pm BST

(Auction style draft)

DISCORD Channel link: TFP Auction Draft League on DISCORD - chat room

I have my own Discord server where people in my fantasy leagues & fantasy games can interact with each other as well as chat about sports in general and even non sports topics. Each of my draft fantasy leagues has its own dedicated channel to discuss things about that particular league in but there is also a general chat channel and even off topic channels so anyone is welcome - more the merrier. If you like to talk about sports or fantasy sports games then you will feel right at home - NFL / F1 / Cycling / Cricket / Rugby / Soccer etc., all have their own dedicated channels: BLM Fantasy Games general chat room on DISCORD

Please do make the effort and come join me on Discord - you just might like it!

All players that were involved last year have the automatic right of return should they want to play again. Spaces will be held until 23:59 on September 4th after which time league will be thrown open to anyone on a first to pay secures a slot basis until either league fills or we reach the live draft date & time.

2022 players: - if anyone from last year is not returning this season if you could let me know this I can invite new joiners in before the reserve deadline. So would appreciate the heads up ASAP if you know your not coming back.

So now onto the nitty gritty rules:

This is a money league hosted on the Sleeper platform with same entry fee as last year - £50 per team - so a serious proposition. The settings are mostly the same as last year as I restarted the league so all settings should carry over and be as follows:



Last year I could not find this information so I e-mailed in to Sleeper to ask about tie-breaker settings as I could not find any manual choices and was sent this link about Tie-Breakers of which the main parts as far as this league is concerned are:

For this my third season on Sleeper I have decided to stick as closely as possible to the settings we used last year which are Sleepers default settings with the exception of using FAAB ( Free Agent Acquisition Budget ) points for the waiver wire. Each player gets 100 points each to start the season and you use those points to bid for free agents during waivers each week.

Alan Roberts (Team thegeneral1987) / Alan_Feelers has taken over this league for the 2023 Season and made some changes - the league is up to 16 teams (from 14) and there are no longer any weekly prizes. Just pay outs at the end of the season as follows:

2023 PRIZES - (based on 16 teams)

Winner - £500
Runner Up - £200
Regular Season Leader - £100 (who ever leads table going into playoffs so at end of Week 14)

TFP £50 Online Auction Draft League

Sign Up List (Bolded when paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

  1. Matthew Elstone (Team breesus95) / melstone
  2. Robert McGregor (Team mconabike) / mconabike
  3. Wesley Lang (Team Fragilezim) / Fragilezim
  4. Daniel Carr / otleyroad
  5. Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean
  6. Iain Morris (Team Mozzarellaa) / Mozza_19
  7. James Mallin (Kamara Shy) / thandouk
  8. Andre Bonifay (Team abonifay) / abonifay
  9. Mike Mark (Team FlyyEaglesFlyy) / YellowMoney
  10. Daniel Hardman (Team dhardman) / hArdMaN
  11. Alan Roberts (Team thegeneral1987) / Alan_Feelers
  12. David Garcia Fernandez (Team Davidg882) / David_Garcia_Fernand
  13. Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125
  14. Talhah Kaleem (Team WasimAkram) / tala
  15. Daniel Nichols (Team d384) / Flacco2012
  16. Sean Conners (Team outsiders68) / Outsiders68

Further Info:

TFP Auction Draft Official waiting list

OFFICIAL WAIT LIST (If you are sure you want in to this money league then ask to go on this official waiting list and when a current member withdraws or opts not to return the first person on the list will be offered the chance to claim that spot for the next season and so on down the list):

Name / TFP Forum Name

Current Vacancies = 0 (for 2024 season)

  1. Noel Symonds (Decepticons) / bluelionman


TFP AUCTION DRAFT Overall Winners History (Years 1-6)

Hey Noel,
Can you add me to the waiting list for this please?


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There is space if you can contact @Alan_Feelers to sort out payment as he is running league this year now. It’s first 2 to pay now form 3 - hold over from last season who hasn’t paid and two on wait list.

Okay all I am back from my last minute jaunt to Poland to watch a different kind of football :soccer: and Alan Roberts (Alan_Roberts ) very kindly at the last minute stepped in to take over the running of this league for this season (2023).

He is the commissioner and he made some changes to how I ran it - firstly it went up to a 16 team league. Trades are now instant he informs me and a vote was taken to do away with weekly prizes and make the final payouts bigger. So I will adjust the earlier post to reflect how this league is now.

Also I forwarded £600 across to Alan Roberts (Team thegeneral1987) / Alan_Feelers today to cover the entry fees of the 12 (listed below) who had paid me while I was recruiting for this year so he is responsible for paying out this years prize winners. Please direct any queries about this league for 2023 to him.

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

  1. Robert McGregor (Team mconabike) / mconabike
  2. Wesley Lang (Team Fragilezim) / Fragilezim
  3. Daniel Carr (Otley Road) / otleyroad
  4. Dean Poole (Team DeanWestYorkshire) / Dean
  5. Iain Morris (Team Mozzarellaa) / Mozza_19
  6. James Mallin (Kamara Shy) / thandouk
  7. Andre Bonifay (Danny DeVeto) / abonifay
  8. Mike Mark (Team FlyyEaglesFlyy) / YellowMoney
  9. Daniel Hardman (Team d384) / hArdMaN
  10. Alan Roberts (Team thegeneral1987) / Alan_Feelers
  11. David Garcia Fernandez (Team Davidg882) / David_Garcia_Fernand
  12. Derek Neuapuer (Team Dezzy125) / dezzy125

I can confirm I have the prize money for this league.

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