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TFP AUCTION DRAFT (NFL.com Money League) Year 4 / 2018

This is my newest money league (started in 2015).

The live draft for TFP AD 2018 is:

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2018 at 6:00pm EDT / 11:00pm BST

(Auction style draft)

TFP Auction Draft (year 4) is a go.

Pretty much same rules as last year - all players that were involved last year have auto right of return should they want to play again. If anyone drops out or draft date / time does not suit I’ll invite people off the waiting list first in Chronological order and then finally if any spaces still league will be open to anyone who’s willing to pay entry fee prior to draft night.

This is a money league with same entry fee as last year - £50 per team - so a serious proposition.

Sticking to using NFL.com’s default settings last season seemed to work fine for most things from scoring to roster positions - with the exception of using WAB points for the waiver wire so will do the same again for this year.

The league only had 12 entrants this year and I decided to run a poll on how the current members wanted the league to be regarding Divisions and the majority voted for one big league (all in same Division). So I have decided to make this the set default from now on as that way it does not matter how many teams we get annually as we will now always be in one Division. Also this means the schedule can be randomised just prior to our draft annually to make it as random as can be.

Furthermore going forward to bring some uniformity to the league and so people can plan for it and know exactly when the draft is this league will always draft on the eve of the season start and most likely be a late night draft time (UK time). This is so it can be viable and hopefully attract US players to given time (with it being an early evening draft time on the East coast USA/Canada when we do late night in the UK).

All settings currently being used in this league can be viewed here: TFP Auction Draft - current league settings

So below is a list of those who sign up for this year and when they have paid they will be moved up the list on that basis and bolded - to show they have paid.

TFP £50 Online Auction Draft League

Sign Up List (Bolded when paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

  1. Noel Symonds (Shak Attack) / bluelionman
  2. David Garcia Fernandez (The Knights of Santiago) / David_Garcia_Fernand
  3. Wesley Lang (Auction No Scope Sniper) / Fragilezim
  4. Gary Johnson (They are we thought they were) / ???
  5. Nicholas McKay (Red Kites) / ndmckay
  6. Alan Roberts (T1tsburgh Feelers) / Alan_Feelers
  7. David Dean (Harry the Hitmans Heros) / ccfcchris
  8. Robert McGregor (Viking City) / mconabike
  9. Iain Morris (Mozza’s Mob) / Mozza_19
  10. Mark Dimmock (Coventry Packers) / markdimmock812
  11. Malcolm Walker (Black Label) / TheMalcyBarKid
  12. Andre Bonifay (Hooked On A Thielen) / abonifay

Further Info:

Should any year we have an odd number of GM’s the last to pay will be the team removed (and naturally refunded if already paid) to make the league level to be able to draft.

Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB) - Each team is allotted a seasonal budget. This seasonal budget is the amount of points that each team has at their disposal to bid on available players. The team with the highest bid wins that player and is charged the amount of WAB points that they bid to obtain the player. If you bid on a player, but lose to a higher bid, you do not forfeit the amount of points that you bid. All of the WAB points that you bid will be returned to your seasonal budget. In the event of a tie, the team with higher waiver priority will win the bid. For more information, visit: Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB)

PRIZES - Will be worked out and confirmed shortly after drafting once prize pot is known post draft but all entry fees will go back out as prizes:

2018 PRIZES - (based on 12 teams)

Winner - £300
Runner Up - £150
Third - £75
Highest Weeks Score - £75

Total - £600

TFP Auction Draft Official waiting list

OFFICIAL WAIT LIST (If you are sure you want in to this money league then ask to go on this official waiting list and when a current member withdraws the first person on the list will be offered the chance to claim that spot for the next season and so on down the list):

Name / TFP Forum Name

  1. Ian Jones / falbravo (for 2019)
  2. Mike Mark / YellowMoney (for 2019)
  3. Chris Waterhouse / Oselly (for 2019)
  4. Sean Connors / Outsiders68 (for 2019)

Current Vacancies = 2 (for 2019 season)

Im in mate. Voted for 4oclock

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im in too voted for 6 tomorrow but 4 is fine.

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Sorry I’m out this time round. Can’t make the draft tomorrow and was gonna cut down on the leagues this year anyway

I’m in again mate

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What’s happening here then, only just seen this. Don’t come on here much these days and thought something would have been said on discord or by email. I can enter and draft tonight but the draft time will have to be later. 4pm or 6pm are to early when you’ve got family,best I could do is probably 7.30


And such short notice is a nightmare to be honest. I didn’t even see this until poll closed.

Evenings are best for me, I’d be happy with the 9pm slot tonight. Could likely also do evenings during the week.

I’m in as long as the draft is not next Sunday

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According to above poll the draft is at 4pm today, so I’m out if that’s the case.
I wouldn’t mind doing an auction draft so anybody wants to start a league or join one that is auction let us know :+1:t3:

Hey TFP Auction Drafters,

It was to short notice and the poll ended up a tie so I am cancelling today’s draft rather than do a coin flip on time - but it means this league will now be a late night draft date / time (to avoid the log jam of Sunday 2nd September). I should have got on Discord (noted for future reference) so will make an executive decision here and now to make this an eve of season league - meaning it will be my league that drafts last every year and be as close to the season as possible with an almost eve of season draft annually. I will contact everyone in the league from last year with new date and time to see who wants back in and go from there. At least this way there can be much more notice.

best regards and sincerest apologies,

Noel / bluelionman

Hi Noel, I’ll opt out of this league this year. 11pm on a Wednesday doesn’t work for me

Okay Daniel (otleyroad) thanks for letting me know.

I’m definitely in Noel. I sent an email… please confirm payment details and I’ll get the money across.

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Hi Noel

Looking for a spot for me and a friend.

Let me know if you have two available. No worries if not.



Hi Noel, I will have to pass this year I,m afraid, already signed up for too many leagues!

Good luck to all for the season

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Plenty of spaces Simon as the late draft doesn’t suit a lot of existing players so yeah can get you and your friend both in this one.

Ok thanks Noel.

Can you just confirm details and I can check in with him?

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11pm on Wednesday. :open_mouth:
I’ll have a think.

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Just replied - was still a few days behind.