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TFP AUCTION DRAFT - (Year 2) online £50 Money League

So this proved a hit last season and have had many players indicate they which to join again should I run it.

There for TFP Auction Draft (year 2) is a go.

Pretty much same rules as last year - all players that did not pick up 3 strikes last year have auto right of return should they want to play again.

This is a money league with same entry fee as last year - £50 per team - so a serious proposition.

Sticking to using NFL.com’s default settings last season seemed to work okay for everything from scoring to roster positions with the exception we used WAB points for the waiver wire so propose the same again for this year. However this can be debated here in this thread and if need be some polls put up for some tweaks - like the setting used to decide tie-breaks.

The only change I have made to the NFL.com default settings so far is going with a Waiver Acquisition Budget regards free agents.

I hope the league will remain the same size as last year and as such will have 16 entrants in 4 divisions of 4 that will be randomly drawn by me - I will most likely make a video or use an online randomizing service.

All settings currently being used in this league can be viewed here: TFP Auction league settings

So below is a list of those who sign up for this year and when they have paid they will be moved up the list on that basis and bolded - to show they have paid. The draft date is now set for 9pm UK time (4pm US ET) Sunday September 4th.

EDIT - Entry fee to be paid before live draft please - so anyone who has not paid by midnight Friday September 2nd (going into Saturday September 3rd) could be deleted from the league and not be taking part. Also as this league needs an even number of teams to work should this mean an odd number of teams are left unfortunately I may have to knock the last team to have paid out as well - should this happen I will refund their entry fee naturally but them the breaks and so the fairest way to do it imo is the last to pay is the one who gets knocked. Just so you all know.

TFP £50 Online Auction Draft League

Sign Up List (Bolded when paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username

1. Noel Symonds (Shak Attack) / bluelionman
2. Alan Roberts (T1tsburgh Feelers) / Alan_Feelers
3. Connor Clark (Glen Rebels) / BIG_C
4. Wesley Lang (Auction No Scope Sniper) / Fragilezim
5. Daniel Carr (Deflate Me FC) / otleyroad
6. David Garcia Fernandez (Antifragile Team) / David_Garcia_Fernand
7. Andy Smith (Lights Camera Auction) / Rick_Spangle
8. George Bellhouse-Edwards (Georges Grizzlies) / UkDetroit3Lions
9. Simon Liu (Minimum Spend Maximum Reward) / TheOnlySimon
10. Ian Jones (Kicker Conspiracy) / falbravo /
11. Andy Watt (AWNFL) / AWNFL
12. Dean Poole (Warden Of The North) / Dean
13. Mark Dimmock (Forsett On You) / markdimmock812
14. Nicholas McKay (Red Kites) / ndmckay
15. David Dean (Harry the Hitmans Heros) / ccfcchris
16. Simon Steel (Men of Steel) / sjsteel17 (happy to be replaced if can find someone else - just staying as league needs to be even numbers to help me out and save another GM being booted)

If you played last year and did not pick up 3+ strikes you have the right to return this year - see this post to check on that: TFP Auction Draft - (Year 1)

Further Info:

Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB) - Each team is allotted a seasonal budget. This seasonal budget is the amount of points that each team has at their disposal to bid on available players. The team with the highest bid wins that player and is charged the amount of WAB points that they bid to obtain the player. If you bid on a player, but lose to a higher bid, you do not forfeit the amount of points that you bid. All of the WAB points that you bid will be returned to your seasonal budget. In the event of a tie, the team with higher waiver priority will win the bid. For more information, visit Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB): http://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/help/custom-WAB

PRIZES - assuming we have 16 teams then same as last year:

Winner - £400
Runner Up - £200
Third - £100
Fourth - £50
Highest Weeks Score - £50

Total - £800

TFP Auction Draft Official waiting list

OFFICIAL WAIT LIST (If you are sure you want in to this money league then ask to go on this official waiting list and when a current member leaves or hits 3 strikes or more the first person on the list will be offered the chance to claim that spot for the next season and so on down the list):

Name / TFP Forum Name

  1. From 2017. Robert McGregor / mconabike

Current Vacancies = 2 (for 2016 season)

Count me in, have another draft but hopefully it should be done before 8pm as its a redraft.

I’m in Noel, as you have probably already realised.
Saturday night draft is good for me and I will pay you the money on Tuesday.
What are your PayPal details?

I’m in Noel, that date/time is good for me. As soon as it’s confirmed I’ll arrange payment

:frowning: Been really looking forward to word on this Noel as it was a belter of a league and understand the scheduling probs but unfortunately I work on a Saturday night and can’t see how I can make it at 8. Earlier on the Saturday up to like 6pm I could do but I know you’ll have to do what suits the majority mate

Maybe you should do a poll for the draft date with 3 options as I can see a Saturday causing massive problems.

I’ve been waiting for this. Unfortunately I cannot do Saturday, I’m at a Wedding. I’ll keep an eye on this thread just in case the date changes.

Saturday is good for me but can’t do Sunday as m at a wedding and I have another draft on the bank holiday Monday at 8pm.
Short notice but I’m free tonight :thinking:

I’d be interested but Saturday might be a push as I’m travelling home from Wales.

I can’t do the Saturday at all, chocka all day, so will have to drop out unfortunatly

Is Friday night an option Noel?

I dont envy you Noel, doesn’t look like it will be possible to suit everyone.

I cant do Sunday 28th as im in Manchester at a city game.
And iv a draft at 9pm on 4th September (available anytime earlier that day).

Other than that im free any day, including any midweek from 6pm onward (even very late).

Of course il totally understand if a day suits most that i cant do.
Best of luck with it :wink:

Another “not available” for Saturday 27th I’m afraid, Noel. And it’s not a prior engagement down the pub, either! - like Big C above, I’ll be working.

My problem with a Friday night is it would be a late one as I work a late shift so don’t finish to 10:15pm meaning I don’t get home to 11pm which means I could not schedule a draft to start until 11:30pm UK time. That’s fine for me but I’m a night owl - I doubt the other 15 of you would want a draft that late as I guess it would take a few hours to complete so you’d be looking at a 1:30am finish.

I really want to get as many of you in as possible so only fair way to do this is put up some polls - I doubt there’s any way people would all be around for tonight but I will try to put up as many options that work for me as possible - I have not scheduled any of my free leagues yet to leave as much flexibility as possible for this one but need to get them scheduled tonight to so need this poll nailed ASAP. Also Sean says he can’t vote on polls on NFL.com using an I-pad so I hope he’s the only one that cant vote on a poll - am sure you can via a smart phone - think I have in past but don’t quote me. Also if it’s really true you cant vote using I-pads for goodness sake use the NFL.com feedback option to tell them so they look at this for updates.

Any way as soon as I’ve posted this I will go set up the polls and then come back here and edit this with the options. Majority wins out - I know it won’t suit all, think this was always going to happen with so many in other leagues but I have no easy work around.

Okay poll is up - this is what it looks like (this is a screen shot so you can’t vote here - go to league on NFL.com):

You can vote via smart phones and ipads, Once in the league, need to press the three bars at the top left hand corner, this opens a menu, go to the bottom of that and it has “full site” as an option, press that and it takes you to the same page you’d see on a PC :+1:

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I am also in for this year pending on draft date,

Already voted,

Voted, thanks for the guide through to get to the poll :+1:t3:

Given I have two drafts over this weekend it will very much depend on time that is chosen if I can make it…
I suspect unlikely given how little time is left.

be good if it was possible to vote multiple options, as most suit me, but the one i cant make is leading :frowning: