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TFF Euros 2020 - £10 Money League


These are my additional internal Super League rules for the Telegraph’s Fantasy Football European Championships game.

The Telegraph has now released their rules for their fantasy game on the European Championships 2020 in Europe. Full details can be found via this link:

Fantasy Football European Championships

If after reading the Telegraphs game information / rules and my additional internal Super League rules you wish to play in my ’ BLM EUROS 2020 ’ Super League, then please feel free to sign up and join my Super League on line.

MY SUPER LEAGUES ARE OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PLAY - so if you have any friends or family, you think would be interested in playing, please show them a copy of this information.

The rules and everything are as the Telegraph print’s them… they run everything… the only difference with this Super League is I am charging £10 per team to join my Super League. This internal entry fee is to facilitate making our own cash prizes for the winners in our own Super League and to promote competition within our internal Fantasy Football European Championships Super League.

If you new to my games and don’t know how to pay me (or have fogotten) just PM me from here (the TFP forum) and I will reply with details.

So, what exactly do you get for your money -

Well, the £10 (per team) internal Super League entry fee goes to make up our own prize fund and is paid back out as prizes at the end of the game as follows:-

Overall Super League Winner (1st) - 40%
Overall Super League Runner-up (2nd) - 20%
Golden Boot (most goals) - 20%

Starting XI table winner - 20%

Quite rightly most prize money is awarded to the overall winner, however there are prizes for the winners of the spin off tables and the 2nd placed team in the overall league! However, to make these prizes really worth while we need a big league so I recommend to all of you to recruit work mates and personal friends or enter more than one team yourself - TFF will allow you a maximum of 5 free teams. Multiple teams are welcomed in my private super league - as long as you pay for their entry. Due to recent issues with strangers joining fantasy games of mine then not making payment I will not chase anyone up for payment but will delete any unpaid for teams just before the tournament starts - you have been warned, onus is on you to not be tardy on paying.

Now the prize positions are given as percentages because the final prize amounts will be affected by the number of paid entrants I get.

Any tie for prize positions at the end of the tournament will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers however this is very unlikely as the Telegraph now have tie breaker rules to split all positions which I have copied and pasted here for your benefit:

14. Tie-Breaks

14.1 In the event of a tie for any prize, preference will be given to the Manager whose team has scored the most goals during the relevant prize period (i.e. Overall, Phase, Round). If the result is still a tie, preference will be given to the Manager whose team has achieved the most points for Assists during the relevant prize period (i.e. Overall, Phase, Round), and thereafter the most points from Clean Sheets during the relevant prize period (i.e. Overall, Phase, Round). If there is still a tie, preference will be given to the Manager whose team has received the fewest points for yellow cards and red cards during the relevant prize period (i.e. Overall, Phase, Round).

14.2 The exceptions to the standard tie-break rules are with the Golden Boot prize. For the Golden Boot, the order of the tie-break is highest number of total points, highest number of Assists, highest number of points scored from Clean Sheets, and lowest number of points deducted for yellow and red cards.

NOTE: So, in keeping with them I will pay out on the leagues displayed positions so if they list a 1st and 2nd - you are 1st & 2nd. If they list tied teams as joint first, then you are tied first and the prize will be split equally as per above rules. The Telegraph make the official game rules and we go by their game rules.

Finally, any teams that join my league late (after the start of the tournament) must first appear in the league on zero points. Any that don’t are null and void - no one will be allowed to gain an advantage by having multiple teams and then later sticking their best one in. You can have multiple teams in the league but you must enter and pay for them all before they score any points and take your chances with them - if you get off to a bad start by all means enter more teams but they must start in the league on 0 (zero) points. I think you will all agree this is fair and maximizes the chances to get more teams in the league and there by more prize money.

To score points from the start of the tournament you must have registered your team before the first scheduled game - Friday, June 11, 2021 / 20.00 (British Sumer Time) .

Please don’t wait and miss out entering a team as up until the kick-off of the first game there is a transfer amnesty in place, so you can change your team formation and players as much as you like prior to the tournaments start and it will not come off of your transfer allocation (which is 50 transfers over the tournament). There is an amnesty between the group stages and knockout stages but to read all the fine print on transfer allocations and rules look at ‘Section 9.’ on the game’s website here:

TFF Euros 2020 Help & Terms

Well, all that remains is to give you the information you need to join my private Super League and say that I hope to see your team in my league soon:

Super League Name:- BLM EUROS 2020
Super League Pin:- 4EF0236N

Best Regards,

image bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)

PS - Apologies if you do not live in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, as the Telegraph only allows entrants from those territories - this is because they have a cash prize for the winners so it falls under UK gambling law which means they can only allow residents of the UK and those Crown Dependencies to enter - sorry.

EDIT: I could be mistaken on this as a guy from Switzerland has successfully joined my private league so am unsure if that’s an error on the game sites programming (as they changed providers last year) or rules have changed so if you are from overseas and wish to try I am happy to have you in my private league and your fully able to win my internal leagues prizes.

Hi Noel. This is Mark Davies. I would like to join your euro fantasy football league if possible. Could you let me know how I can make a payment please. Cheers.

Hey Noel, keen to join. Let me know how I can set up payment. Thanks, Paul McAnulty

You had the chance Paul - I did say to all ‘TFF BLM PREMIERSHIP’ winners if you was doing any Euro games to advise me so I could take out entry fees from your winnings before sending balance to cut down on transactions (for reasons explained in past to all my fantasy games players). If you read the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER e-mail sent to you on 31 May you will clearly see this request. So that ship has sailed I’m afraid.

Besides your a pro: Paul McAnulty 1

So you missing this one gives others more of a chance. Next time read e-mail fully to not miss out. :soccer:

Thanks Noel. Never been called a pro before, haha. I just enjoy talking about fantasy football, good record in Sky, less so in other formats.

No problem about missing out. All the best for the tournament!

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Hi Noel, I would like to join please. Can you send me payment details please?
Thanks, Derek

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Hi Noel I have joined and messaged you this morning for details on how to send payment over. Hopefully I can make it in time. I can do bank transfer or PayPal or whatever really. Cheers.

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I never expected to get so many entries - I think it’s because Telegraph advertised this league publicly.
Below I will list all teams / people and BOLD :soccer: (plus put a soccer ball) next to entries when paid. If I am able I will cull any unpaid for teams as soon as every country has played 1 game.

If I can’t anyone whos not paid for their teams by end of the first stage (after every team has played once) will be disqualified from winning cash prizes in this league. I will make a post again of those teams if I can’t remove them.

NO KANE, NO GAIN - Noel Symonds :soccer:

Inter Shak Attack - Noel Symonds :soccer:

EURO BEARS - Douglas Hay :soccer:

Sharpshooters - Justin Parrin :soccer:

THE HULLTRA’S A - Alastair Townend :soccer:

EuronWhat - Richard Coleman :soccer:

FJP Back Of The Neto - MARC PERNI :soccer:

Pfizer Chiefs - MARC PERNI :soccer:

Strike First Strike Hard - Richard Leese :soccer:

Second 11 - Richard Leese :soccer:

Gourleysgunners - Jill Gourley :soccer:

I Kante Believe It - Kieran Ellis :soccer:

Lippy Kids - Russell Owen :soccer:

Pies, Pints, & Panenkas - Russell Owen :soccer:

Malagaby - Mark Pearson :soccer:

LetterToYou - Mark Pearson :soccer:

Afternoon De Ligt - James Taylor :soccer:

Follow The Leader - James Ryder :soccer:

Stevieggers - Jill Gourley :soccer:

Blinded by de Ligt - Andy Smith :soccer:

Mozza’s Mob - Iain Morris :soccer:

The Catcher in de Vrij - Joel Smith :soccer:

Oranje Dukes - Noel Symonds :soccer:

Athletico Parsnips - Kirk Hitchcox :soccer:

Euro Dynamics 21 - Tony Hamm :soccer:

Real Openshaw - Mark Openshaw :soccer:

Euro Guacamole - David Charlton

Gaz J 2 - Gary Johnson :soccer:

Beautiful Scenes - Gary Johnson :soccer:

Bearded Wizards - Joseph Clemson :soccer:

England Euro Winners - Stephen Hodges

Southgates warriors - Ricky Pearce :soccer:

Hairy Hotdogs - Keith Pratt :soccer:

Denmark Anybody - Andy Duenner :soccer:

Ukraine Anybody - Andy Duenner :soccer:

Poland Anybody - Andy Duenner :soccer:

Mike Yellow - Michael Mark :soccer:

Super Whites - Judith Clemson :soccer:

Barcelopenshaw - Jonny Openshaw :soccer:

Zero Energy FC - Ganiyu Hussein

@curwend - Daniel Curwen :soccer:

Covid Killers - Tim O’Sullivan

Republic of Cork - Denis O’Sullivan

The Penguins On Tour - Denis O’Sullivan

Immobile 4ever - Denis O’Sullivan

Campoli Nord - Denis O’Sullivan

Campoli Sud - Denis O’Sullivan

Three Lions - Noel Symonds :soccer:

Eurintel - Noel Symonds :soccer:

Crouchys hopefuls - Paul Crouch :soccer:

FC HillBilly - Abhishek Thapa

Alpha Project - Nadeem Khan (Naddex)

FTL - James Ryder :soccer:

KDB or bust - Michael Mark :soccer:

EDIT: (19/6/2021) Welchers (non Payers) now BOXED and TFP usernames listed in brackets where known

Hi Noel

As instructed I have signed up to join your tff euro league.

Please could you send me details on how to pay?


Great work on so many entries Noel - makes for some juicy prize pots!

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I didn’t envisage this many entries tbh - I would have gone down to 3rd for sure had I known I’d get 50+ teams, equallly I feel it will be less good with the non payers. I hope TFF will delete them from league at my request as I no longer have the option to remove teams - which I did before start of tournament.


We had 43 teams paid for - yep 11 teams unpaid for by 7 Welchers. I can’t stand people who openly join a money league then don’t pay the entry fee. Alas the Telegraph won’t remove them from our Super League despite my constant requests to do so. When you advertise leagues publicly you never know who you’re going to get join and its always a risk. However, I have now started a black list with these 7 untrustworthy people the first names to go on it (here):

BLM Fantasy Money Games WELCHERS

If I ever see any of their names trying to join a future game or league of mine, I will delete them as soon as seen - so hopefully before a game starts while I have the power to do so. There welching has cost us £110 from the prize pool. At the end of the game, I will spend hours editing screenshots of our league tables (to erase them) before posting final ones on here (TFP forum). All those team entries unpaid for (3 posts above this one) are to be disregarded - they no longer count - they cannot win any monetary prizes from this league. They are dead teams - just Telegraph won’t delete them for me so I’ll have to do it myself at the end of the tournament.

Now the 43 paid for teams make £430 in the prize pot which will be paid out as follows:


Overall Super League Winner (1st) - (40%) £172
Overall Super League Runner-up (2nd) - (20%) £86
Golden Boot (most goals) - (20%) £86
Starting XI table winner - (20%) £86

Kind regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds
Fan Pub Founding Member

PS I never expected to get this many teams hence why the prize pot is top heavy - I don’t believe in changing things once published so that’s how it is. Perhaps next World Cup I’ll reduce 1st place to 30% and then have a 10% prize for 3rd.

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Final Prize Winners & Tables

Overall Super League Winner (1st) - Mark Pearson (40%) £172
Overall Super League Runner-up (2nd) - Mark Openshaw (20%) £86
Golden Boot (most goals) - Paul Crouch (20%) £86
Starting XI Table Winner - Gary Johnson (gazj885) (20%) £86