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TFF 2021/22 - ‘BLM PREMIERSHIP’ (£40 Money League)

These are my additional internal rules for the Telegraph Fantasy Football 2021/22 Premier League game.

The Telegraph has released its rules for this seasons TFF Premiership game of which full details can be found via this link: TFF Guidelines

If after reading the Telegraphs game information & rules along with these additional internal Super League rules you wish to play in the ‘BLM PREMIERSHIP’ Super League, then please feel free to sign up and join my Super League online.

The rules and everything are as the Telegraph states them… they run everything… the only difference with this Super League is I am charging £40 per team to join my Super League.

Now my internal fee of £40 may sound like a lot but it works out at approximately £1 per week for the duration of the football season. This internal entry fee is to facilitate making our own cash prizes for the winners and to promote competition within our own Fantasy Football Super League.

There is just one payment option this year:

All entry fees up front - either in cash (if you see me in person) or if not and you don’t know the score regards paying me online then please PM from here (TFP) and I will inform you how.

So, what exactly do you get for your money - well £1 of the £40 (per team) internal Super League entry fee goes towards the administration of all my games. This is the only game each year I take an admin fee from and goes towards subsidising all my games that I do. This helps towards my costs for all sorts of admin - phone calls, printing, sending out winners’ medals etc. not to mention having to chase the Telegraph up to sort things out when problems or issues arise, as they invariably do. Also, this fee helps offset when I am out of pocket, as I have been some years regarding paying the final prizes in this game when finances do not work out or someone’s payment was reversed.

The other £39 per entrant goes into the prize fund and is paid back out as prizes.


Overall Super League

1st - 30%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%


CUP winner - 15%
GOALS winner - 15%
STARTING XI winner - 10%

CHART PRIZES - * £10 ( * £20 if get 40+ teams)

( * awarded every week to highest weekly scorer.)

(TFF now use a tie breaker for weekly placings using Goals scored to split ties so I will now be using this also to decide weekly winners)

(No chart prizes will be awarded on weeks where no games are played - i.e. international breaks.)

Now the final prize positions are given as percentages because the final prize amounts will be affected by the number of entrants I get, what the highest weekly score of the season is (because prize is £1 per point of that score) and if anyone defaults (i.e. any peeps that simply don’t pay up after joining etc., - any occurrences of this nature won’t be tolerated. At the start of September I will delete without reference any teams that have not been paid for or if anyone’s payment has been reversed etc.,

All team entry fees are requested to be paid once you have joined the league. To be clear NO ONE can win a prize before they have paid the internal entry fee so should anyone who has not paid up post the highest weekly score then that weekly chart prize is forfeited and so is that scores eligibility to win the highest season weeks score prize. That money just stays in the pot to increase the final end of season prize amounts for the eventual winners of the other prize positions or if team is deleted by me for non-payment in September, then it will depend what the TFF website then does. If it keeps that score listed and it is not beaten, then prize amount will just not be awarded and money used to make other final prizes bigger. However, if the TFF website deletes all league scores of deleted teams from private leagues then another team will inherit the new highest weekly score of the season and duly be paid out at the end of the campaign for that. I go totally on what the website displays at the end of a season. Just making this clear now so there can be no dispute at the end of the game. So, any teams not paid for by September 1st will be deleted from the league and manager on a 1 years ban from all games I run. So please pay promptly to avoid these eventualities as you cannot say you were not warned.

Other things to mention are that if two or more people tie score wise for a chart win the prize is no longer shared (split equally) unless both managers have scored the same number of goals that week also (as that is the tie-breaker). Any tie for final prize positions at the end of the season will be decided by the Telegraphs Tie-Break rules. I will pay out on how TFF list you (so if TFF list you in a joint position this will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers - but only if teams are listed in the same prize position. It is worth noting the Telegraph changes game operator from time to time and some seem to not like ties (going on past experience). They seem to have criteria to split you - whether it be overall game position for the spin off leagues and goals scored in the overall league. I have had a look at the rules for this season and they do indeed have such tie-breakers in effect for this season so please familiarise yourself with them here (16. Tie-Breaks): TFF - Premier League / Terms and Conditions

So, this is something to watch out for as I must abide by their game rules - so even if two or more manager’s tie for number of Goals scored, I will be paying out whom the Telegraph list as 1st. Some years they have listed you if you scored the same number of goals as jointly in that position - some years they have instead used criteria to break ties (as mentioned above). The Telegraph decides this and I pay out on how they list you - so how they list the Super League positions is key. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS!

The ‘BLM’ CUP competition. Every team entered into the ‘BLM PREMIERSHIP’ S/L will automatically be entered into the ‘BLM’ CUP. All the teams in the ‘BLM PREMIERSHIP’ before the real FA Cup 3rd Round starts will be entered into a random draw. I use the Draft Logic Cup Fixture Generator and film the random cup draw to show all is random and above board. I then post the video on here (The Fan Pub forum) so anyone can watch the draw here. Those who I have an e-mail address for will be sent a link to each rounds draw video when I publish it on this thread at TFP forum. The Cup will work on a knock out basis. I will produce a list of the ties and e-mail this out to everyone in the league (I have an e-mail address for) so you can see whom you’re up against plus post the fixtures here on this thread. For this reason, do keep me advised of your current e-mail address if you’re a new player to my Super League or have changed it since last season.

So, when the FA Cup 3rd Round starts (the round when Premiership & Championship teams come into it), that week’s scores only will decide who goes through to the next round. Basically, whoever has the highest score for that one week only, out of the two teams drawn against each other goes through. On occasions there may be an odd number of teams in which case the last three teams out of the bag will be in a three-way tie and the two teams with the highest score that FA Cup week will go through to the next round. In the event of draws, to decide which team goes through to the next round, the scores will be compared for the following week (and so on if need be) until there is a difference in scores. The team with the higher score will go through, the other will be out. As soon as a round is completed a draw will be made for those teams left in the next round of the cup and those ties will take place on the next FA Cup week. Our Cup competition is trying to mirror the real FA Cup competition. Non-FA Cup games can also score you points in our cup game if you are lucky enough to have any Premier League games (with your fantasy players in) taking place in the same scoring week as the FA Cup games.

However, you can pretty much be assured when it is an FA Cup weekend it is also a Cup scoring week in our own Super League Cup competition (for those left in it). Based on previous seasons experiences there may be times when we have to miss out a round (or in the future add an extra round) to get our number of teams down to just eight, to match the real FA Cup quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. In any event it will be done fairly, notice will be given in time for managers to make adjustments if they wish / need to (i.e. transfers) but when the real FA Cup quarter-finals take place we will also only have 8 teams left in our Cup competition.

Also, to make the 8 teams needed for the Quarter-finals there may be the need for the preceding round to be an all v all round between all the remaining teams left if there are not enough teams left to make separate games and still leave 8 teams after. For instance, if I have 12 teams then separate games would leave me with only 6 teams so in this case it would be an all v all round with the 4 lowest scoring that Cup week going out and the remaining 8 going through to the Quarter-finals.

My league is only open to new entries until the start of TFF Week 2. This is to make sure it is fair and an even playing field for all, no waiting to see what kind of start you got off to and sticking what you think is your best team in then.

FYI in past Telegraph fantasy games I have noticed those joining late were not entered into the Starting XI spin off league so if you join late you have no chance to win this spin off league should this still be the way they do it.

Also, in case it was not made clear earlier in these rules you can enter multiple teams into this Super League so long as you pay the internal entry fee which is £40 per team.

Finally, there is no league of league prize this year - I think this is because the Telegraph is a free game to play this season (no buying of credits needed) so naturally they have had to reign in their national prizes. However, this now means people outside of the UK can play to - but are not eligible to win the Telegraphs national prizes. But in my league your fine wherever you are in the world to pay to play and win any prizes in my league.

Super League Name: - BLM PREMIERSHIP
Super League Passcode: - 3LHY4EU0

best regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)

Fan Pub Founding Member

Entry List (30)

Below I will list all teams / people and BOLD :soccer: (plus put a soccer ball) next to entries when paid. If I am able I will cull any unpaid for teams as soon we hit into September. Also welchers will be on a 1 years ban from all money games I run.

van DUTCH - Noel Symonds :soccer:

Anotherchance99 - Jon Webb :soccer:

SHAK ATTACK - Noel Symonds :soccer:

HULLFIRE A - Alastair Townend :soccer:

Uptown Dunk - Andy Smith :soccer:

The Campachoochoos - Kirk Hitchcox :soccer:

SURREY BEARS XI - Douglas Hay :soccer:

GourleysGunners - Jill Gourley :soccer:

The Knuckle Draggers - ADAM DUBOCK :soccer:

Househusbands Favourite - Paul McAnulty :soccer:

REAL OPENSHAW - Mark Openshaw :soccer:

Craiglang Auld Boys - MARC PERNI :soccer:

FJP Townsend Agency XI - MARC PERNI :soccer:

Just One More - Tony Hamm :soccer:

The Son Also Rises - Joel Smith :soccer:

False 11 - Richard Leese :soccer:

Super Whites - Judith Clemson :soccer:

Solid silvas boys - Ricky Pearce :soccer:

The Chaotic Neutrals - Russell Owen :soccer:

Follow The Leader - James Ryder :soccer:

Bearded Wonders - Joseph Clemson :soccer:

AlphaPapa - Mark Pearson :soccer:

Mighty Whites - Alan Lovelock :soccer:

The Electric Prunes - Christopher Jennings :soccer:

The First Attempt - Richard Coleman :soccer:

UMustBeKiddingMe - Paul Crouch :soccer:

OBI-WAN KENOBI NIL - Noel Symonds :soccer:

EZE ON THE EYE - Noel Symonds :soccer:

ENGLAND - Noel Symonds :soccer:

I’m not gone - Gary Johnson :soccer:

Happy to confirm everyone paid on time but sad not to hit the 40 teams I really hoped for this season (so could double the chart prizes) but will try again for this magic number of team entries next year. :soccer:

BLM Cup / Round 1 (FA Cup Rnd 3)


(scores count from Tues. 4/1/22 - Mon. 10/1/22)

Just a heads up I send a typed list of cup fixtures out to everyone I have an e-mail address for and a results e-mail after each round but currently the following people I have no e-mail addy for:

Judith Clemson

So if you guys want to get the Cup draws and Cup results e-mailed to you I need an e-mail address from you (its also handy to be able to contact you if you win any prizes come end of season). Just PM me your e-mail via here the TFP forum or catch up with me on my Discord server here:

BLM Cup / Round 2 (FA Cup Rnd 4)


(scores count from Tues. 1/2/22 - Mon. 7/2/22)

BLM Cup / Quarter Finals (FA Cup Quarter Finals)


(scores count from Tues. 15/3/22 - Mon. 21/3/22)

BLM Cup / Semi Finals (FA Cup Semi Finals)


(scores count from Tues. 12/4/22 - Mon. 18/4/22)

BLM Cup / Semi Finals (FA Cup Semi Finals) ‏‏‏‏‏- RESULTS

BLM Cup / Round 5 - Final (FA Cup Eighth Round / Final)

BLM Cup / Round 5 - Final (FA Cup Rnd 8 / Final)‏‏‏‏‏ - RESULT

Okay here’s the final charts - this is the weekly winners for this season (£10 a week or split thereof for tied weeks):

Final Overall Table

Final Goals Table

Final Starting XI Table

I hope you all enjoyed the season - cashing or not - I hope anyone new reading this will want to join us next season and all who partook this season come back. If I can grow the entry pool beyond 39 teams (so 40+) then I can double the chart prizes from £10 to £20.

Look out for a post on this forum when Telegraph launch their 2022/23 game.

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

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