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Telegraph Fantasy Cricket (TFC) - ODI World Cup 2019

These are my additional internal Super League rules for the Telegraph’s Fantasy Cricket World Cup game.

The Telegraph has now released its rules for their fantasy game on the Cricket 50 overs ODI World Cup 2019. Full details can be found via this link:-

TFC ODI World Cup 2019 - Info Centre

If after reading the Telegraphs game information / rules and my additional internal Super League rules you wish to play in my ‘BLM ODI CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019’ Super League then please feel free to sign up and join my Super League on line.

MY SUPER LEAGUES ARE OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PLAY - so if you have any friends or family you think would be interested in playing please show them a copy of this information.

The rules and everything are as the Telegraph print them… they run everything… the only difference with this Super League is I am charging £10 extra per team to join my Super League. This internal entry fee is to facilitate making our own cash prizes for the winners in our own Super League and to promote competition within our internal Fantasy Cricket World Cup Super League.

Once you have joined the league contact me to sort out how to pay - if you don’t have direct contact details for me then just PM me from here on TFP.

So what exactly do you get for your money -

Well the £10 (per team) internal Super League entry fee goes to make up our own prize fund and is paid back out as prizes at the end of the game as follows:-

Overall Super League table finishers
1st - 40%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Starting XI League table winner - 10%
Leading Run Scorers table winner - 10%
Leading Wicket Takers table winner 10%

Quite rightly most prize money is awarded to the overall winner, however there are prizes for the winners of the spin off tables and the 2nd & 3rd placed teams in the overall league table! However to make these prizes decent amounts I need a big league so I implore you all to please help me spread the word about this game by telling your friends about it. Share a link to this post with anyone you think might be up for the challenge - friends, family and work colleagues. Also multiple team entries are welcomed so feel free to enter more than once yourself - just remember each team entered in to this Super League will cost 10 pounds.

Now the prize positions are given as percentages because the final prize amounts will be affected by the number of entrants I get.

Any tie for prize positions at the end of the tournament will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers. NOTE:- It appears in the spin off leagues (Wickets & Runs) they now place who’s ever higher in the overall league as higher in these extra leagues when you are tied. So in keeping with them I will pay out on the leagues displayed positions so if they list a 1st and 2nd - you are 1st & 2nd. TFC make the rules and we go by their game rules.

The ‘League of Leagues’
Every valid Private League (that consists of five teams or more) will automatically qualify for the League of Private Leagues, which has a first prize of £100. This league is compiled by taking an average score of the top five teams in every Private League - so the bigger your league, the better your chances of topping the table. So should our league (by some miracle) land this prize it will be split between the top 5 teams in our league (as it is those teams scores that would have won us this prize).

Well all that remains is to give you the information you need to join my private Super League and say that I hope to see your team(s) in my league soon (first match is scheduled to start at 10:30am on Thursday, May 30th):

Super League Name: BLM ODI CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019
Super League Pin: 8176459
Super League Passcode: 0123

Best Regards,

bluelionman Noel Symonds

Final Prize Payouts





Starting XI