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Telegraph - Fantasy County Cricket 2018


Internal Super League Rules
(Internal Entry Fee - £25 per team)

These are my additional internal rules for this years Telegraph fantasy County Cricket game.

The Telegraph has now released it’s rules for their new Fantasy Cricket - County Challenge game of which full details can be found via this link:-

TFC County Challenge 2018 Rules

If after reading the Telegraphs game information / rules and my additional internal Super League rules you wish to play in my ‘BLM COUNTY CHALLENGE’ Super League then please feel free to sign up and join my Super League on line.

MY SUPER LEAGUES ARE OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PLAY - so if you have any friends or family you think would be interested in playing please send them a link to this information.

The rules and everything are as the Telegraph print’s them… they run everything… the only difference with this Super League is I am charging an extra £25 per team to join my Super League on top of the *entry fee you pay the Telegraph to play their game (*which is currently £8 per team but the Telegraph have deals at present called ‘Season Tickets’ where you get cricket team credits for you to use as you choose in either this game or their forthcoming T20 game later in the season - which I will also be running a Super League for money on).

The Telegraphs cricket season ticket offers this season are as follows:

  • 3 teams for £15 (£5 per team - saving £9)
  • 5 teams for £20 (£4 per team - saving £20)
  • 10 teams for £25 (£2.50 per team - saving £55)

Naturally if you buy more teams there are loads of people’s private leagues you can join out there that won’t cost you to put your extra teams in (unlike my money league) but multiple teams are welcome in my league - just each one will cost you £25 to enter into my league.

The £25 internal fee may sound like a lot but it works out at approximately £1 per week for the duration of the County Cricket Season (April 13, 2018 - September 27, 2018). I do this to promote competition and create a keen interest in my Fantasy Super Leagues. This allows me to offer cash prizes within our own small Super League to the eventual winners / best performers plus if enough teams enter (20+) a weekly prize to.

Please PM from here (TFP) for ways to pay if you don’t already know (most likely if your a new player joining my money games).

So what exactly do you get for your money… well the £25 (per team) internal Super League entry fee goes to make up our own prize fund and will be paid back out in full as follows:

If I can get enough teams in my league (20+) then there will be a weekly prize of £10 to the highest scorer every week of the season in my league. The rest of the money left after paying out the weekly prizes will be paid out as listed below at the end of the game to the eventual winners. Likewise should we not manage to get 20 or more teams in my Super League then all the money will be paid out to the eventual winners as listed below.

For the record I have never had 20 teams in past years sadly (so please spread the word - I would love to grow my league and be able to do a weekly prize for the first time in my cricket league).

Overall Super League table finishers
1st - 40%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Starting XI League table winner - 10%
Leading Run Scorers table winner - 10%
Leading Wicket Takers table winner 10%

Big leagues, big benefits
If I manage to put a league together of 10 or more members, I’ll receive three limited-edition medals to present to:
• the overall champion of this league
• the highest run scorer in this league
• the highest wicket taker in this league

Now the prize positions are given as percentages above because the final prize amounts will be affected by the number of entrants I get and if weekly prizes are being paid out.

If I get enough teams (20) to be able to award a weekly prize you are only eligible to win a chart prize after you have paid the internal league entry fee(s) so if your late doing this then you only have yourself to blame if you miss out on a weekly chart win.

Any tie for prize positions at the end of the season will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers.

If we have enough teams in the league for the weekly prizes then should there be any ties for the highest weeks score the prize will be split between the tying teams.

The League of Leagues
Every valid Private League (five teams or more) will automatically qualify for the League of Private Leagues which has a first prize of £200. This league is compiled by taking an average score of the top five teams in every Private League - so the bigger a league, the better the chances of topping that table. Should we by some miracle win this then it will be split between the top 5 teams in this league - £40 each team.

Finally any teams joining my league late (after the game has started - 11am on April 13, 2018) must appear in the league on zero points. No adding in a team that got off to a good start later on, by all means enter late if you wish but you must be starting a brand new team and accept the handicap of being behind other teams in the Super League on points and from experience late starting teams will also not be entered in to the Starting XI league either (so you lose the chance at winning that internal super league prize). Any team which appears in this league after the start of the game with points showing will be deleted. This is to make sure it is fair and an even playing field for all, no waiting to see which team (if you bought multiple teams) gets off to the best start and adding it into the league later on. Multiple team entries are welcomed from all managers but all must be entered into the Super League before the start of the game or with no points showing after the start of the game if joining late and each one will cost an internal entry fee of £25 in this league.


Super League Pin:- 8031005

Good luck for the new season should you chose to play - I look forward to seeing your team in my league ASAP (and please do forward a link to this information on to any county cricket fans you know who you think might be interested in joining this league - the more teams the merrier as far as I’m concerned - also sometimes it helps to encourage others to join if they see there’s plenty of other teams already in a league so I would encourage joining sooner rather than later to help me attract undecided players into my private league).

best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

One of the best sources of serious fantasy game players is a forum called FISO and I have plugged the above league there so only fair to give them a mention here.

FISO - Fantasy Cricket forum

I would say they are the creme dela crem of fantasy game players - usually always sweep up the league of league prize in the Telegraph county cricket but they are not bad at the national football games to.

No chance of winning anything with you have invited the FISO guys to join your league.

Without FISO guys (and gals) there wouldn’t be a league - I’m a FISO guy, so is RickSpangle and so are you - not every FISO member is a super player there just players like you and I - all have to apply to the same rules, you need to up ya game as do I.

FYI despite me advertising on FISO not one has joined as yet - hoping that changes or gonna be my smallest ever league.


1st (40%) £110 - Andy Smith (Rick_Spangle) - ben brown’s boys - 23679
2nd (20%) £55 - Noel Symonds (bluelionman) - Dilly Dilly - 22387
3rd (10%) £27.50 - Tom Bryan - Turning On The Gas - 22293
Starting XI (10%) £27.50 - Noel Symonds (bluelionman) - Dilly Dilly - 18726
Runs (10%) £27.50 - Andy Smith (Rick_Spangle) - ben brown’s boys - 9225
Wickets (10%) £27.50 - Andy Smith (Rick_Spangle) - ben brown’s boys - 463

IPL has already given amazing young talent to Indian cricket and world cricket. The All 11 Season of the Indian Premier League has been completed successfully and the Season 12.

If IPL was on ordinary TV here (in UK) I’d watch it but alas it’s on a paid channel - I missed the advertising to get my butt in gear and do a fantasy game on it… will try for next year if time permits.