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Teams put forward new rule propositions

I really like suggestions 4, 6, 7, & 8

Any thoughts?

2, 5 and 8 for me.
2 because players like donte whitner always gave away penalties because his tackles always looked and sounded worse than they were but he was never fined because they were in fact always legal.
5 because i know kaepernick got a quaterback sneak across the line on one of our games last year but their werent enough camera angles at the time.
8 doesnt seem fair in overtime if someone gets a touch down the other team dont get a chance to respond

Hi Mary,

I think 8 is a suggestion to fix the current situation whereby the team losing a TD on the first possession in OT are not given the chance to respond.

Hmmm… I’m no Patriots fan, but I’m fine with all three of their proposals.

Sorting out the point after touchdown into a more meaningful challenge is a must-do. It has got to be as frustrating to watch as uncontested scrums in both codes of rugby

yes i just wordered it wrongly i was agreeing it would be a good change