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T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 (CricketXI) - £5 Money Leagues

Hey There,

I noticed CricketXI.com was doing a free fantasy T20 World Cup 2021 game which starts October 17th and runs through to 14th November. The first game starts 11:00am UK time (14:00 local time in UAE) on 17 October. So, I thought why not do a couple of leagues (Classic and Head-to-Head) on the tournament. The whole tournament / fantasy game will be over in a month (Covid permitting).


I’ve set up 2 leagues - one is an open league where you’re all on a ladder based on your total fantasy points scored. The other is a head-to-head type league where you play one other team from the league each round and you win, lose or tie. A win is 4 points, a Tie 2 points and a loss 0. That decides your position in the league with tie breakers to split teams such as points % (difference between points scored and points scored against you). In the head-to-head league the top (I’m guessing 4) teams make the final knock out rounds (10 and 11) to decide the Champion.

To make a little bit of interest and a prize for the winners’ skill (or luck) I am making both leagues £5 each to enter and both leagues are ‘Winner Takes All’.

People are welcome to join one or both leagues and I hope people will feel £5 is not much at all and give these leagues a go. The game starts (Round 1) 11:00am UK time, 17th October 2021 so there’s a couple of weeks to play with your teams line-up (there’s a trade amnesty until first game starts) and recruit your friends, acquaintances and please do tell any other cricket fans about my league. I do appreciate anyone’s help I can get to grow my entry pools.

The Head-to-Head league can have a maximum of 16 teams so that is first come first served (but to run it needs a minimum of 4 entrants - so 3 more other than myself). Also, due to bad experiences with my IPL leagues I ran this year with strangers joining (great) but making no attempt to contact me to pay entry fee (bad) I will now delete anyone’s team who has no history with me of partaking in my fantasy money leagues just before the tournament starts if they have not paid. So, if your new or not a regular player of my fantasy money games then the onus is on you to settle up before the game starts.

You can enter from anywhere in the world - those who don’t know the score regards paying me just PM me from here (TFP forum) with your e-mail address saying if your inside UK or outside and I will send full info.

If we end up with an odd number of teams in the Head-to-Head league sometimes the site puts in a random extra team, but that’s not a concern - though naturally, they won’t be paying to play and can’t win the cash prize. But sometimes the site does not put in a random team and has Byes instead. Their rules on site do not state what they will do in this particular game so we won’t know until the start. I have messaged Cricket XI to ask but often the guy behind the game site is very lax at replying to me - think he’s fed up of the number of queries and questions I have asked him in the past. For instance their rules say a league creator can decide how many teams make post season and how many rounds there are for the knock out stages - but no such option was given to me when I created these leagues this time so that’s sadly the guy behind the site not updating his rules properly for this particular tournament and so we will only find this out once the game has started - or if he replies to my questions posted on Cricket XI’s social media pages and PM’s I sent are answered - as that’s the only way to contact Cricket XI (via Facebook or Twitter).

Now come on - get involved and forward a link to this post to anyone you think might be up for this.

Kind regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds) - Fan Pub Founding Member

Classic Open League



Head to Head League

League Name: Winner Takes All


Link to games website: CricketXI

All game rules etc., are the websites and can be found under the HELP tab on site but to aid you here is a link to their points scoring, league rules, transfers, FAQ’s etc: T20 World Cup 2021 Help

To let people know state of play I will bold and :cricket_bat_and_ball: (cricket bat) you when I have recieved payment for your entry:


Sharjaraja | Mark P :cricket_bat_and_ball:
World Cup Wizards | Noel S :cricket_bat_and_ball:
The Needlemen |Tom K :cricket_bat_and_ball:
Arcade Fire | Tom B :cricket_bat_and_ball:
fun in the sun | Andy S :cricket_bat_and_ball:
Sharpe CC | Matthew S :cricket_bat_and_ball:
Mushfiqur It Out | Marc P :cricket_bat_and_ball:
The Hecatoncheires | Tom K :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Head to Head - Winner Takes All

Sharjaraja | Mark P :cricket_bat_and_ball:
World Cup Wizards | Noel S :cricket_bat_and_ball:
The Needlemen | Tom K :cricket_bat_and_ball:
World Cup Bears | Doug H :cricket_bat_and_ball:
Arcade Fire |Tom B :cricket_bat_and_ball:
fun in the sun | Andy S :cricket_bat_and_ball:
Mushfiqur It Out | Marc P :cricket_bat_and_ball:
The Hecatoncheires | Tom K :cricket_bat_and_ball:

The tension and hype is real. For true fans this is something they just cant afford to miss out on. All you need is a VPN to watch T20 world cup online from anywhere in the world and watch your favorite team compete against their rivals.

Deleted Teams - for non Payment


Team Shiltsy | Rich W

Head to Head - Winner Takes All

AP2 XI | Adrian P

If you want to play then you need to contact me before a game starts to sort out payment especially if your a new player - otherwise any teams by unknown entrants to my games will be deleted from my leagues within 24hrs of the start of a new game/tournament.

Prize conformation

Okay all - I can confirm I got 8 paid entries in each league so the prize in each league is £40 to the winners. I hope this game increases your enjoyent of the World T20 tournament. :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Congratulations to Rick_Spangle (Andy Smith) who took down both the ‘Classic’ and ‘Head to Head’ fantasy T20 World Cup 2021 leagues.

He pockets £40 prize winnings for both the ‘Classic’ league and ‘Head to Head’ league as both had 8 paid entrants each for this tournament (making a grand total of £80 GBP).

Here are the final tables:

Classic Open League

Head to Head League

Hope any of you seeing this that like cricket will join in my next Cricket XI money leagues on The Big Bash T20 (Australias domestic T20 tournament) starting soon.

Link to info here: (to be posted when I’ve set game up)