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Superbowl 50

So everyone, with Superbowl 50 now just a matter of days away I have not seen much talk about who is going to win it.

So come on all chip in with who you think/want to win the big one!

Personally I am pulling for Carolina to win it. I really think its their time the way they have been playing all season and seem impressive in all areas of play.

Have to be honest though if Denver do win I won’t be that sad as Peyton has had a great career.

Really looking forward to this match up and it should be an absolute stormer…


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Similar thoughts here, pulling for Carolina with my heart although I have Denver in Noel’s season long sweepstake so there’s some more money coming my way if Denver win :smiley:

That said, I’m a bit worried it could get out of hand and turn into a one sided affair. Im hoping it won’t and the defenses will keep it close, but if it becomes a blow out it could be a bit of a dull super bowl.

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I’m one of the few behind Denver here, I think they are nice value based on my SB theory.

While the Panthers are a highly effective team they just dont excite me. Compared to some other teams they are just a bit dull, but that’s just my 2 pence.

Key for the broncos are their secondary and containment tactics. The secondary need to play well to give the LBs time to get to Cam and with the Panthers O line being so strong its going to take longer to get to Cam than it did to get to Brady. I say containment because with the Broncos being so great in all defensive positions I imagine we shall see Cam legging it around a bit as another means to move the football so containing him is a big priority.

I also expect to see the Panthers play a lot of those diversion sweeps that they have executed so well recently, they are going to have to find different ways to move the football.

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JRT - Hopefully as you say the defences will turn up as well as the offensive weapons to make it a good close match up.

Citrus - Denver are very solid defensively but I think the combination of Carolina’s running game (if it gets going) combined with Cam running could be too much overall. I think that Denver definitely had a slightly easier run to the superbowl in a banged up Pittsburgh and a weakened O line of the patriots. It will be a very interesting match up though…

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I have a little bit of money on the Panthers from earlier in the play-offs but now Denver has made it I have a soft spot for them in so much as they have been to 7 Super Bowls (well this will make it 8) but I believe they have only won 1 maybe 2 of those. Added to that I think over his whole career Peyton has been a better QB than his younger bro Eli in my honest opinion and there for feel a bit narked (as I am sure Peyton does deep down) that he only has 1 SB ring where his little bro has 2.

So if this is truly to be Peyton’s last game then it would be a great story if he could win and retire a champion - but if he plays on (there’s talk of the Rams offering him the starting job there in LA if he wants to go another year) then I am behind the Panthers all the way as they played the best football this year as a complete team plus Cam is amazing and I like to see new winners and Carolina is one of the franchises (teams) to have never won a Super Bowl.

I guess I am torn and thus hope for a great game - a close game (like Pats/Broncos was) and will look to prop bet instead perhaps rather than a big bet on the winner as I truly am torn.

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I’d love Denver to pull it off for Peyton, the only way I see that potentially happening is if his opposite number gets too pumped up in the big game and tries to do too much - much like the young John Elway in the big game