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Well, the NFL season is almost over and many of us will have tanked in the football (soccer) so a nice change of sport is offered up with the annual Rugby Union Six Nations tournament. I used to do the free game ESPN Scrum used to do but when the Covid pandemic hit a few years ago they stopped the game and never restarted it, and it did not return last year either so am sticking with the game provider I switched to last year, that being Super Bru. It seems Super Bru run fantasy games on tons of sports and you just need to register once with the website. Super Brus games are free but I always think it’s more interesting to have a little money on it and as you can make up your own private league have done just that.

My private league I have decided will be £5 entry per team which will create the prize for my league’s winner, (contact me for ways to pay if you don’t know how nor see me in person - just PM me from here on the TFP forum). Naturally the league is called ‘WINNER TAKES ALL’ - & the more teams that join the bigger the prize for the eventual winner - so get busy getting any friends of yours to join that want in - as first game starts this year at 14:15 (GMT) next Saturday (5th February)!

All entrants to have paid by the start of the 2nd round of games - any one that has not will simply be removed from my league soon after this deadline.

Here are the details needed to join my private money league:

Join ‘WINNER TAKES ALL’, my Six Nations Fantasy league on Superbru! You can find my pool here:


or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:


First game (and entry deadline to score points in Round 1) is : 05/02/2022 14:15 (Ireland vs Wales)

If you decide to play - best of luck.

kind regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

WARNING - F.A.O. Stu Clarke (owenclass)

I don’t know who you are owenclass / Stu Clarke - I did PM you via SuperBru yesterday but no reply - please make contact with me to pay the entry fee for your entry - this is a money league. You can PM me from here (TheFanPub.com forum) - my usename is bluelionman.

New players are always welcomed. However if you don’t pay the entry fee today I will have to decline your pending aplication to this league. It’s only fair to the other paid entrants.

kind regards,

Noel Symonds / bluelionman

Well I’ve waited over a week and Round 2 starts today so don’t see I have any other choice other than to decline this entry as despite my PM’ing them from FISO forum and Bru Mailing them via Super Bru as well as posting on the leagues ‘Banter’ wall have had no reply and there’s been no forum posts either on here on this thread or over at my thread on FISO so am forced to delete their team entry.

So ‘owenclass - stu clarke - owenclass’s Galloping Raiders’ entry is declined for non payment of entry fee - after all this is a money league.

So that leaves us with 4 fully paid for entries and so I now confirm winner bags £20 - a profit of £15.

Good luck to rest of us - I’ll need it as had a shockling Round 1 and now hold the wooden spoon.

Well a big congratulations to jrt55555 (James Taylor) who wins this years Superbru 6 Nations game (and pockets the £20 prize pot). I have to admit I really do miss the ESPN Srum rugby fantasy game but sadly since they cut short a game during the pandemic in 2020 they have never returned. So for now until I find a 6 Nations game I like better I will stick with this one. I will of course run a 6 Nations small stakes fantasy money league again next year - so please come and have a go. A biger entry pool would be really welcome. :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football: :rugby_football:

Link to BLM winners history for International Rugby Union Games:

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