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Super Bowl Odds

The bookies have Seattle as the favourites to win the Super Bowl. I don’t really agree with that - I consider Green Bay, Dallas and Seattle the top 3 NFC teams and Dallas will probably have to face Seattle after the wildcard round, so Seattle arguably have a greater chance of being knocked out before they even reach the NFC Championship (Green Bay on the other hand will have to make it past the winner of the Cardinals v Panthers match, which is pretty nice for them).

The safe bet would probably be a New England v Green Bay (or perhaps Seattle) Super Bowl.

I’d have an outside bet on a Steelers v Cowboys final. Two teams with really complete offenses, able to put a ton of points on the board, and Dallas have already shown that they can beat Seattle this season.

Now we are down to the final eight, is there still value to be had?
The four teams with home advantage are clear favourites - anyone think one of the other four has a chance? I don’t think it’s particularly likely but based on last week’s 4 wild card games, Baltimore looked to have the best chance. They are still 20-1 I think, which I might put a stray fiver on!

I think it’s wide open, which makes the Hawks at 2-1 pretty poor value at the odds . Also agree about the Ravens, I think the Pats should be a much bigger price than 3-1. I just don’t think they’re all that good. They are at home though so clearly have a chance, but I couldn’t bet them.

FWIW, I think Carolina have a chance this weekend and at 40-1+ available for a team who have suddenly hit form, a good D & dominated on both sides of the ball last weekend. They may come up short but at those odds i’m prepared to take a shot at the upset which is as big as 9-2 this weekend!

I’ve taken a loss on my Indy bet from 2 months ago and bailed on them, but I think the winner of GB v Dallas go all the way and have invested accordingly!

Be lucky.

Here are the latest odds. Interesting that the odds on the Cowboys, despite having beat the Lions, remain exactly the same! I guess the bookies thought they were a certainty to beat the Lions (except, they didn’t).

Interestingly, last week the odds on the Ravens were 41. But immediately at the start of the game versus the Steelers, they were 51 - so I stuck a couple of squid on. Now that they’ve beat the Steelers they’re a reasonable 23. Despite what Sean thinks, I could see the Ravens upsetting the Patriots this weekend, so who knows how far they’ll go…

Hoping the Cowboys win it all though, and if they beat Green Bay, I think that’s highly possible.