Super Bowl Game

Hi all,

I previously mentioned running a season long game earlier in the off season.

The idea is 8 players, paying £25. Picking 2 teams to win the Super Bowl (or advance furthest in playoffs)
Each person is randomly assigned a draft position from where they will pick their teams.
To try and make it fair, Selections will be made using a snake draft format.
So the person with the first pick will then have pick 16. The person with the 2nd pick will also have the 15th pick and so on.
The last team standing takes all the prize money, the team doesn’t have to win the Superbowl to take the prize.
If 2 teams finish with the same record or are knocked out in the same round of the playoffs, then NFL draft order will be decided as to who would win.
The following year the team which finished in the worst position (based on 2020 Draft Order) will have the first pick.

£25 entry to be sent via PayPal

Any interest or questios, drop me a message. Cheers

Count me in

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  1. Mike…PAID
  2. Alan…PAID
  3. JonCartwright…PAID
  4. Dean - West Yorkshire…PAID
  5. Dan A…PAID
  6. Shacko…PAID
  7. Sam Dev…PAID
  8. Flacco2012…PAID

thanks to Al for taking time to make a video of draft positions.
Draw can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/thefanpub/videos/2454701684578551/
Picks are listed below.
Jon 1-16
Dan A 2-15
Al 3-14
Mike 4-13
Shacko 5-12
Dean 6-11
Flacco 7-10
Sam 8-9

Just a reminder, the team doesn’t need to win the Superbowl, its just who lasts the longest. If the last 2 teams are eliminated at the same stage then the team with the highest draft position will be deemed the winner