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Super Bowl - Bets

I have a few on:

7/1 Lynch to be first TD scorer.
14/1 on a Safety.
10/11 Seahawks @ +1
MVP Malcolm Smith 125/1 (*much better prices out there 200/1 on odds checker but I was using a free bet stake up)

But now this special intrigues me - what you guys think:

BetVictor Under 24.5 points for the first half (4/5). Surely both sides play this cagey early on, especially Russell after all those picks last time out.

Shit I just clicked and thought it would give me a bet check and it placed it - so I now have 1k riding on a Seattle win and under 48.5 points - oh shit!

5/2 - forgot to even shop at Odds Checker to see if that was best price.

Doh (slaps head).

Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Not happy as it spoils the game not wanting points (imo). :-1:

Might have been an accident but doesn’t look too bad a bet, Noel.

I am still pro-Patriots because of your sweepstake and also my team in your Gridiron game is heavy on NE players, but I have been swinging more and more round to thinking the Seahawks are favourites. Not massively but a Seattle win and a low score sounds like a sensible call

So the bookies have Seattle as the favourites again after NE being faves last week. I might put a bet on the Pats and a Gronk TD.

Re: Betting Under 24.5 points at half time.

I was counting my cash with less than a minute to go, ball at midfield and 7-7 on the scoreboard, I could afford a TD & an FG and would still be collecting :frowning:

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I’m still hurting from this:


Great end to a great game but boy I still think Seattle should of run Lynch and win or die on his back right there!
I feel like I was robbed - all my bankroll gone when it should of been the play that brought home the bacon and got me back to at least even on the year - if not ahead! :frowning: