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Super Bash Review

How about one?

Would be good to know how it went…


Personally I had a great night.

I thought it was a good atmosphere and the chance to chat with other fans was great. Even managed to talk to a seattle native. Definitely keen to go next year.


Thanks David, nice to hear from a new face. Was there any seating to be had? How were bar prices?

It was pretty good really! A really great atmosphere to watch the game in. Free drinks, food, Madden, and the cheerleaders and Golden Tate did signings but they were difficult to get.

We stood up most of the time (painful feet!), but upstairs was full of available seats in a cinema-style setup looking slightly down on the big screen, whereas downstairs was a mixture of standing and some seats right up in the front middle.

Only issue was getting home - the game finished at 3am and the tube doesn’t restart there till 5:30am, but Simon gave us a lift which was nice. If you’re not drinking it’s easy enough to park there. I didn’t drink a whole lot at the Super Bash itself as the Jags staff tried to get me wasted at their QA thing beforehand anyway.

It’s definitely the best place to go out and see the Super Bowl, although not quite as comfortable as an intimate house viewing.

Excellent, thanks Adam!

Cant friggin believe the bar was free??? I did not know that!

Similar experience to Adam really. Seating was there if you got to it in time but lots of stools about downstairs.

Everyone was just there to have a good time and got along great.

It was difficult to get to the autograph bit though for queues. Wouldn’t say it ruined the night at all though.

Couldn’t agree more neonadam definitely the best place to go to watch it. Everything you want from a night out.

Job well done by the nfl/nfluk I would say!

Living in Yorkshire, It’s a great chance to get down to London to meet up with Noel who I have been playing FF against for many years. This year it was even better, as I got to meet up with other members from our ‘Live League’ and people who Id’ met last year at my first ever Superbash. Unfortunately it was freezing cold so we were all inside the Slug & Lettuce which was a bit cramped, £5 per pint is a bit steep (my local here in Yorkshire is £2.45 or even £1.85 in our local Cricket Club!!).
I went in about 9:30pm with Adam, George & Simon, we thought Noel was going to follow soon after as he’d missed the pre-game fun in 2014, due to organising ‘spares’ for everyone who needed them.
Other plus points were Georgie Bingham, excellent host who seemed to genuinely know her NFL stuff. The sound system is incredible, it was like being in the middle of a Katy Perry concert at half time. Free unlimited soft drinks, which enabled me to dilute the beer and keep alert until the final play. My food was delicious (maybe the alcohol enhanced the taste)
Glad I booked a nearby hotel so I didn’t have the hassle of getting home like the other lads.

Only minus point was lack of seating for our clan, it was cold and drafty where we were stood so I went upstairs for the second half to warm up.

Its second only to actually attending a Superbowl :wink:

I love it but am gutted I missed all the pre-game action - Georgie Bingham, music acts, cheer-leaders and guest appearances on stage etc., as I stay out to everyone is hooked up or 5 mins before kick-off - alas this happened to mean I only came in at about I dunno 10 mins before kick-off this year - however everyone on my list got in this year so am rather proud of that fact and even had 2 spare unused tickets in the end. I guess also by the time I go in there is no queue to get in - one of the only bonuses for going in so late - another comp is the fact more people seem to know me/my name than me them so I always have someone to speak to which is nice each year.

I wish the event was filmed (I mean the pre game stuff at Super Bash) so I could catch up on what I miss out on - it would also show others what to expect from a Super Bash if they come for one!

I’ll be attending next years that’s for sure (if NFLUK put it on).

NFLUK now has a video up of the night that a give a bit more idea of what Super Bash is like:


Thanks guys, a very good insight. It all sounds good, it really does but then when I see all those people standing in the video I see everything I don’t like about a night out : (

Love sitting down and enjoying good company, somehow I just cant relax when stood in groups holding my beer for long periods… That said will apply next year and maybe give it a shot if I get lucky.

I’m kind of the same - prefer sitting down and a quieter place where it’s easier to talk - but they did have seats at the front and upstairs sort of cinema-style if you wanted, and it was just the right level of crowded where you could still move about easily without being crushed trying to walk up to the bar, yet with a great atmosphere. I remember the Hippodrome by comparison had tables and seats but you’d spend 20 minutes pushing through the bar just to get a drink.

Hopefully next year there’ll be a Texas team to support in the Super Bowl.