SUPER 6 'On Tour' - EURO's 2024 (£5 Money League)

BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

I did a league on this for the domestic football season and it proved popular but as I am out in Germany for the whole tournament did not want to set this up unless I knew I could get in to it to do my picks from abroad. Sky Bet said I would not be able to but I was sure there was a work around and the reason your reading this now is I am now in Germany and indeed there was a way to do it so am now setting my league up, I know it’s very late on but hopefully you all can share this e-mail about (forward it on) and hopefully we can get a nice pool together for the Euros tournament starting this coming Friday night (14th June) !

I’ve called it ‘BLM’s Super 6 Euro Bluey League’ simply as I’m making the entry fee £5 (which is a bluely coloured note). Super 6 is the games name and BLM is short for bluelionman which is the online name I use in all fantasy games and forums.

I have also decided to have a prize for every 10 entrants so the more entries the further the prizes will go down as follows:

1-10 Entrants = Winner Takes All
11-20 Entrants = 1st & 2nd
21 - 30 = 1st - 3rd
and so on.

I will try to confirm the prize positions and pay-outs as soon as I can - hopefully quite soon after the 1st Round starts and will delete any entries that seem unpaid for by people. All entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes. Just please bare in mind I am abroad and it may not be so easy to get things confirmed so quickly. Also prize pay-outs I will try to get done within 7 days of the final but will not work on this until I am back home in the UK.

So that’s it - I would imagine many people already do this game during the regular season so if you fancy trying your luck in a small stakes’ money league do join in. Also, to make this league a decent size with decent prizes I urge you to please forward this info on to anyone you think might like to join in to - all are welcome (friends, family, work colleagues, anyone).

Only internal rules I will make is entries must be in by the start of the first round of games (8pm BST Friday, 14th June 2024) and anyone who has not paid the entry fee by then will be deleted from this league soon after without reference.

To join my league, you can either follow this link:

JOIN - BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

Or enter manually from the game itself using the following details:

Name - BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

If you don’t know the score on how to pay me just PM me from here (TFP forum) and ask for the info.

best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

PS Reading Super 6’s Terms and Conditions it says it is only open to persons aged 18 years or over resident in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland. Proof of age and identity may be required if you win an overall prize put up by Sky Bet!

To let people know the state of play I will bold and put a football :soccer: symbol next to you when I have received payment for your Super 6 Euro’s entry:

Any unpaid for entries will be deleted from the league soon after the tournament is underway!

SUPER 6 ‘On Tour’ EUROS 2024 - Entries (10)

Noel Symonds :soccer:

Simon Brownhill :soccer:

Mark Pearson :soccer:

Dan Abrey :soccer:

Alastair Townend :soccer:

Paul Bedford :soccer:

Dan Sherwood :soccer:

Douglas Hay :soccer:

Marc Perni :soccer:

Andreas Duenner :soccer:

Not sure whether anyone can access the league table as they said the info would be wiped yesterday (Monday) and it has been for me. I did screenshot the table though on Saturday. Partly because I finished top :grinning:

I took screen grabs on my phone as I’m in Germany till 16th July following the Euros but will sort out all my games that have concluded while away when back. If you took screen shots on a PC they may look better than my phone ones for posterity as I could not log in via a PC out here as geo restricted.

Was able to on my phone using a VPN so thats best I could do as a back up know how table ended up.

Normally I sort games within 7 days of finishing but did not expect S6 end early, guess not enough games after last 16 round to carry on.

I did warn folk I was going to Germany so Euros games would be delay in sorting out as need be back home with my records.

So please do not stress, if you (or anyone else) landed in a money slot you will get weighed in, just later than usual.

Enjoy the rest of the tournament :+1:

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Well that was a tight affair - now that I am back home and can deal with things I see this league was won by a solitary point, so commiserations to McBear (Douglas Hay) who lost out by that solitary point and a big congratulations go to RCN (Simon Brownhill) who takes down the pot (as with just 10 entrants it was ‘Winner Takes All’ only this time).

SUPER 6 ‘On Tour’ - EURO’s 2024 Final Table

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