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Super 6 Extra Euros (£5 Money League)

BLM’S Super 6 Extra Euro Bluey League

Hey there,

‘Super 6 Extra’ is back for the Euros - a game where you have to predict 6 things to happen in a forth coming European Championships game. The first game chosen is England v Croatia on the 13th June (deadline 2pm).

Once I’d entered my choices it gave me the option to make up my own private mini league so I decided to do that and operate it the same way as my Super 6 Euro league.

I’ve called it ’ BLM’s Super 6 Extra Euro Bluey League ’ simply as I’m making the entry fee £5 (which is a bluely coloured note). ‘Super 6 Extra’ is the games name and BLM is short for bluelionman (despite what the current political climate now makes you think of) which is the online name I use in all fantasy games and forums.

I have also decided to have a prize for every 10 entrants so the more entries the further the prizes will go down as follows:


1-10 Entrants = Winner Takes All

11-20 Entrants = 1st & 2nd

21 - 30 = 1st - 3rd

and so on.

I will confirm the prize positions and pay-outs after the first game, at which point I will also delete any unpaid for entries. All entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes. To make this league a decent size with decent prizes I urge you to please forward this info on to anyone you think might like to join in to - all are welcome (friends, family, work colleagues, anyone).

To join my league, you can either follow this link:

BLM’S Super 6 Extra Euro Bluey League

Or enter manually from the game itself using the following details:

Name - BLM’S Super 6 Extra Euro Bluey League
PIN - qgbmc-qlvhf

Last but not least please PM me from here (TFP) for how to pay if you don’t know the score already.

best regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)
Fan Pub Founding Member

PS Reading Super 6 Extra’s Terms and Conditions it is sadly only open to persons aged 18 years or over resident in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland. Proof of age and identity may be required (which I imagine is if you win their games jackpot).