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StanJames customers - Heads Up on bagging a Weekly Free Bet

I am not sure if I mentioned this before or not here but if anyone here uses Stan James (I do) then they have this Footie Predictor game for customers - they put up 6 games each week from the Premiership that take place on Saturday and you just fill in the scores. They give 1 point a correct outcome and 3 points an exact correct score.

Now he’s the best bit - they have someone from them who does the Stan James entry weekly and he is as bad as me at getting outcomes correct - now that’s saying something. The reason that is important is they give ANYONE who beats the Stan James that score that week a free £5 bet (as long as you qualify). The qualification is have an active Stan James account plus have had a bet in the last 14 days - that’s it.

Also who ever scores the most points each week (I never get near this) bags a free £25 bet - however in case people tie there is a tie breaker you have to post on there Facebook page what time you thin the first goal will be scored in any of the games they using.

There guy is so bad at predicting he only scored 1 point this week so my 4 points will bag me a free bet - not the first one I had this season and many weeks I forgot to enter and stumbled on whole promotion late via twitter post of there’s.

So any of you that like the sound of this here’s some links to aide you:

Stanjames Predictor

Stanjames Facebook page - (make sure to look for correct post to reply to with your time of first goal)

That’s it - hope some of you find this info useful as I think it’s a great little promotion to consistently bag free bets.

I gotta say I hope all of you are on this - the person they got doing their predictions as Stan James is so bad it’s like almost a guaranteed free bet every week - he only scored 1 point from 6 games this week so virtually every entrant got a free £5 bet - you only needed 2 points or more - I got 5 and we all know how bad I am at predicting soccer results. I forgot to say the top scorer each week bags a £25 free bet - I never trouble those peeps but man SJ must be paying out loads over the season. Get involved only qualifications needed to enter are have a Stan James account and have had a cash bet in last 14 days. So a £1 bet in last 2 weeks from taking part would count. I bet on SJ anyway as often Odds Checker come up with them as best odds on things I look to bet anyway so no skin off my nose but even if not gotta be worth having a bet here once a fortnight to get on this and bag a free £5 bet every week - assuming you beat there Predictor entry which is not hard to do!