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Spreadex NFL Super Challenge 16/17

It’s back, the chance to win a huge payout, based on the famous Las Vegas Supercontest. This is the UK’s version and proved to be a very interesting new game last season.

I will be entering again and will be discussing my five weekly picks on this thread. Hope some others join in the fun, so we can have a winning Fan Pub Entry

Last year’s winner walked away with £14,000! The prize pool is dependent on the number of entries, but the top 7.5% of placed entrants at the end of the regular season will win big cash prices.

All you need to do each week is to choose 5 teams that you would back on our fixed odds handicap lines.


1.) Visit the selections page each Wednesday (we will email you to let you know the page is live)
2.) Choose 5 teams to back on our fixed odds handicap lines
3.) You can edit your entries up until the deadline, and then your entries are automatically locked in
4.) You will score 1 point if you back the right team, 0.5 points if it is a push (a draw) and 0 points if you it loses
5.) See how you are performing on our leaderboard

Are you suggesting a joint entry, if so what’s the damage?

Sounds good our collective brains could make this work.

@ Alan - it’s £250 per entry with a max. of two entries per person (to stop manipulation).

I wasn’t suggesting a group entry as such, just hoping loads of TFP’ers have a go and we get a winner from here.

However in saying that, in lieu of a trophy/ring, I think Noel has approx. £200 in the pot as a part entry for an Originals joint entry, meaning it will be a fiver or so to experience the game. Its great fun and I recommend to anyone thinking of submitting an entry. £250 sounds like a lot of cash, but split over the full season it’s less than £15 per week.

From memory about 40% of players were still in with a chance of cashing in December last year.

@ Sean, I picked the brains of most guys last year to good effect. The beauty of the comp’ is that you have to take a view on every game. When I was undecided on a particular match, the group ‘brain-storm’ was very useful, especially the guys who actually support the team in question (I’ve always found fans have a good steer on their team).

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You know me so well

I follow all teams closely

I am crap at handicaps but I’ll stick in a fiver and silently ride your coat tails :slight_smile:


Same, I’m up for the joint entry.

Noel - if you’re available can we discuss this TFP entry, did you retain any ‘prize’ money from 2016 season? I seem to recall there was approx £170 meaning the Originals only had to pay a fiver to raise an official TFP entry - I need to know quickly because the game starts this week.

Also because Spreadex do not want any possible collusion or manipulation of the game, I will not be able to sumbit the entry so I’d like someone reliable like Gordon or Anders to be nominated - if so we need to get the funds over to them.

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I nominate Gordon cos I already have a bank transfer setup to him :smiley: :smiley:

@Dean - Sorry I missed this thread somehow (think cause I’m trying to wean myself away from gambling - Euros really hurt me). But here now - yes Dean your correct mate and it’s £220 left in pot from last year that I am happy to Pay Pal over to whomever you nominate today buddy. I know time is short so as soon as I get in tonight will make it so… just watts app me or text me the e-mail address of who you wish me to send the funds to and by about 1am tonight it will be done (So over night Tues going into Wednesday).

I may have a look to do it from my phone but unsure about that - if you tell me in next 30mins can do now before running for train.

Noel - that’s great news, a Spreadex entry will be a good fun topic for chatter throughout the season.

As I mentioned at the Superbowl get together, I would like all 16 Originals players to take part, most have already committed. I propose charging a £5 per man to make up the balance. If there are any unwilling players or drop-outs I propose that ‘Coventry Packer’ is given he first refusal as he kindly stepped in a the last moment in this years game.

I would like every player to be responsible for ‘their’ week based on draft position, so Adam will pick the 5 results week one (this week). Any prize to be split equally 16 ways (first prize will be approx £16,000 based on last year so it seems like a suitable plan).

wk1 - Adam
wk2 - Simon
wk3 - Anders/Gordon
wk4 - Anders/Gordon
wk5- Robert
wk6 - James
wk7 - Shani
wk8 - Noel
wk9 - Dean
wk10 - Al
wk11 - Kieran
wk12 - Chris (champ)
wk13 - Chris
wk14 - Jon
wk15 - Brad
wk16 - Sean
wk17 - Everyone, anyone with a 5/5 record gets final say

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How about we vote on a consensus pick and go with the majority each week.

unlike a live draft, I’d actively encourage as much chatter as possible to influence the five picks.

Your method would simply give an ‘average’ vote and average point-scoring :slight_smile:
I like the idea of us all competing to get a high score and pressure on to avoid a 0/5
(Al you would never hear the end of it if you land us a doughnut in wk10)

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Have Spreadex set this weeks games yet?

Wednesday for the actual spreads. My routine is to calculate my own spreads on Tuesday then tally against Vegas tonight. Its a good discipline and give you a good steer about your own rankings.

Al - I’ll probably not take part in a group discussion barring week9 when I’m on the podium as it’s likely the competition would use any info against me/Majic