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Sports Books are Robbing Bstds!

Just had a right argument with William Hill they send me the following in an e-mail and I think great I’ll have some of that:

I think there’s my value if Seahawks win quite likely Lynch will get a TD so I’ll have a piece of that - 1K.

I credit my a/c and when I try to place it I am hit with a message saying I can only have 100 at 5/2 but the other 900 will be 1/2 - you what - f’off.

Nowhere in that e-mail does it say max £100 and neither does it on the site so I go to there live chat and get all this old flannel about it’s a headline offer - they should make it clear in the adverting there’s a max bet - it’s a bait and hook and as a point of principle I am determined to win back all what I have ever bet at WH and when I finally am even or up will close my a/c with them - fucking robbing cunts!

They was happy to take a grand of me on a footie treble last week - but a decent price and they want to limit my stake! :-<

sorry LM but as soon as I read the title I thought this must be your post, when I got offered the enhanced price on the hawks yesterday from PP it did not occur to me that it might be limited in some way but Dean mentioned that he could only get 20 on at the enhanced price. I think its important to remember that when established online bookies offer bargains on an event, it is really nothing more than them trying to balance their books. That said if them balancing their books gives us a nice price on a result we already fancy then all well and good.