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Sportingbet / Bwin

Have any of you guys used Sportingbet / Bwin before? What do you think of them?

I’m just asking for as yet undisclosable reasons :no_mouth: Also looks like today the company that owns Sportingbet - GVC - bought Bwin, so maybe those sites end up getting merged.

I have used both as a customer and have them advertised on my websites/blogs.

Sportingbet is the better of the two. The drawback with bwin is you have to pay withdrawal fees so it’s one thing that I always make known to people I refer to them.

As for merging, I doubt that will happen. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think there is a reason all these bookmakers are teaming up and it’s not to create one singular brand.

They’ll be merging their operations in some capacity for sure :neutral_face: but yeah they’ll still have separate websites and store fronts.

Sorry, I didn’t mean they wouldn’t be merging as I know Ladbrokes and Coral have done so already and Betfair & Paddy Power are close to.

I meant they wouldn’t merge into one entity.

Weird I use B’win but not tried to take anything out as yet - how can they charge you to get ya own money out?
That should be illegal - they make enough when you loose as it is out of you! :astonished:

No problem with Bwin, think they charge to withdraw, but they will take a bet.

Sportingbet are a disgrace, and limit accounts to pennies if they think you know what you’re doing. (I don’t, so they’re not even good at doing that!)