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Soccer Saturday SUPER 6 EURO's (£5 Money League)

BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

I did a league on this for the domestic football season and it proved popular so doing it for the delayed Euros tournament starting next week as Sky Bet are doing it for this tournament as a stand-alone game.

I’ve called it ‘BLM’s Super 6 Euro Bluey League’ simply as I’m making the entry fee £5 (which is a bluely coloured note). Super 6 is the games name and BLM is short for bluelionman (despite what the current political climate now makes you think of) which is the online name I use in all fantasy games and forums.

I have also decided to have a prize for every 10 entrants so the more entries the further the prizes will go down as follows:


1-10 Entrants = Winner Takes All

11-20 Entrants = 1st & 2nd

21 - 30 = 1st - 3rd

and so on.

I will confirm the prize positions and pay-outs soon after the 1st Round starts and will delete any entries unpaid for by then. All entry fees will go back out 100% as prizes.

So that’s it - I would imagine many people already do this game so if you fancy trying your luck in a small stakes’ money league do join in. Also, to make this league a decent size with decent prizes I urge you to please forward this posts link on to anyone you think might like to join in too - all are welcome (friends, family, work colleagues, anyone).

Only internal rules I will make is entries must be in by the start of the first round of games (2pm BST Sunday, 13th June 2021) and anyone who has not paid the entry fee by then will be deleted from this league soon after without reference.

To join my league, you can either follow this link:

JOIN - BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

Or enter manually from the game itself using the following details:

Name - BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

Last but not least please PM me from here (TFP) for how to pay if you don’t know the score already.

Also, if you were in my league for the domestic football season just finished, I have deleted you, not because I don’t want you but can’t be sure everyone will want to play again in my money league for the Euros so by deleting everyone from the restarted league people have to manually re-join and by doing so I can be sure they chose to join in again.

best regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)
Fan Pub Founding Member

I’m shocked to login to Super 6 to do my predictions for L16 games to find this:

BLM’S Super 6 Euro Bluey League

I was flaberghasted to say the least so went to their Twitter feed and I wasn’t the only one but there social media team confirmed Super 6 was only on the group games. Well I don’t recall seeing that anywhere so they didn’t publicise that prior to start.

I think only 3 rounds is a bit shit but it is what it is. I will post screen grabs of the final table below and be in touch with winners shortly.

I will do Super 6 again come start of domestic footie season for any of you’s that’s interested.