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So how many leagues are you all entering this season?

TFP Originals - 16 man LIVE snake (NFL)
TFP Challengers - 16 man LIVE snake (NFL
TFP Auction - 16 man auction (NFL)
Jelly Beans - 14 man snake (NFL)
Superflex - 2 x QB (NFL)
Show Me The Money - 12 man snake (NFL)
Betfair Auction - 12 man online auction (Espn)
Betfair Snake - 12 man online snake (Espn)

That should keep me busy :slight_smile:


TFP Originals - 16 man LIVE snake (NFL)
TFP Challengers - 16 man LIVE snake (NFL
TFP Auction - 16 man auction (NFL)
Betfair Snake - 12 man online snake (Espn)

That’s double what I normally do… but half of Dean’s… there’s a maths question in there somewhere

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No leagues!


A number of reasons. First of all I love playing FF. Been playing for over 10 years. Last year I played in 4 leagues and had great fun in them all. But I’ve decided to stop playing this year. I’m self-employed and really need to concentrate on my job, what time I do have I like to spend with my family. Last year I felt I spent too much time playing FF. Also I follow the Cowboys. Last year I can remember a few times they were live on Sky and I was busy watching Red Zone! I don’t really want that to happen. My eldest son wants to play this year and I said I would let him draft a team in a league so I will probably set up a small friends and family league but that will be it.

If any of you guys wants any unbiased advice or a second opinion I would like to help as I will still be following Fantasy I just won’t be playing in any serious leagues.


I was in 5 leagues last year and promised myself to cut it down to 4 as i felt i wasn’t giving enough time to each league.
I had it cut down to 4 leagues (all based on nfl.com), then a group of lads from the area asked me to join their CBS league. Its a money league and I got greedy as i reckon my knowledge is a lot better than theirs, they are mostly newbies :slight_smile:
So back to 5 i go.
Anybody ever play on CBS? is the default scoring any different to NFL.com?

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Less than @Outsiders68 :wink:

In reality, I try to limit myself to no more than 10 each season, although I often do trip over that.

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TFP originals and challengers
12 member US ex work league
Ill know everyone I’m competing against hopefully
Will not do virtual drafts v strangers anymore


TFP originals
TFP challengers
’Air Coryell’ dynasty league
’The foolish club’ dynasty league - start up year
…plus the new £25 14 team one I am starting through The Fan Pub :thumbsup:

That’s probably my limit (or beyond it) unless I quit my job!

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Most of you guys are way over committed by my standards but then I kind of like the concept of working on one particular league, this way I get to live or die by that one league meaning I have an accurate reflection of how well or terrible i did. I know myself only too well, if I find a league im doing well in I will tend to focus there and in the end I just think anybody can do that so I prefer to limit things. That said I have joined up to a dynasty league because it looked like a really professional platform, I could not wait to draft and wanted to try a different format. I do think my future is in one day however.

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CBS used to run NFL.com’s leagues in the early days before NFL.com seemed to sack them off and take back it’s games in house and start to run it’s own… say about 5 seasons (maybe more) ago the game on NFL.com was exactly the same as on CBS just under a different banner. NFL.com has changed so much in that time allowing so much customisation so no clue how CBS has changed over the same period… I would suggest just have a good skirt over there rules when the league is set up to know how it is.


I will be entering 6 draft type leagues this season (all on NFL.com):

INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE (20 teams, 1 Keeper league) started 2010
REAL TEAM ALLEGIANCE (10 teams, IDP, Dynasty league) started 2013
SHOW ME THE MONEY… (12 teams, £20 money league) started 2006
TFP AUCTION DRAFT (16 teams, £50 money league) started 2015
TFP ORIGINALS (16 teams, £100 money league) started 2014
THE NO BOLLOX LEAGUE (16 teams, IDP, 2 Keepers league) started 2005

Further more on top of those I will be doing a plethora of other NFL games - almost all the games hosted on NFL.com, plus my own home made ones, McBears home made picks game and if I can find it or get someone to create it online for me my dream NFL fantasy game - 1 & Done!.

Who knows I may also more than likely dabble at one day games like Draft Kings to.

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Which platform for your dynasty game, G?
Mine are both on myfantasyleague.com which is very flexible, but always keen to hear alternatives…

I’ve cut everything back to money leagues only

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Hi Jon,

As you know I was not really looking for an additional league and I was concerned that a dynasty would effect how I sort of enjoy missing the game in the off season. Then I started to prepare the board this summer and the anticipation just grew and grew and as that occurred so did my interest on this web site I had my eye on for some time. I hooked up to myffpc.com.

If I was going to attempt a new league it would have to be a different format than Sean’s and so it ended up being a dynasty league and their cheapest one at that. So far I’m impressed with the site and league, customer service are getting back to me within the hour by email and the league is super active. Draft starts Saturday (guests staying over so not ideal) and I think I have already screwed myself over with trading picks lol.

The trouble with dynasty leagues is normally return rates the following year but this site gets around that by asking for an entry and a deposit that is designed to pull you back and if you want to trade away future first round picks you have to pay yet another deposit which is returned as part of next years entry. Once I learnt that I was willing to give the site and dynasty a go.

Highly recommended so far. It seems many teams are pairs which is a good idea.

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Absolutely same Sean. At the end of the day its all about affordability but I always found there are less fade away and good bye players in $ contests and the amount of planning that goes into these things its worth having a little something for doing well and being lucky.


I tried myfantasyleague.com last year and did not get on that well with it personally. I think maybe it was more to do with the league manager however as there are a lot of settings and it must take time to work them all out. In the first year if we wanted to submit multiple waiver bids with differing values any given week we had to email them to the the commish in advance as the system only seemed to accept one bid for all waiver selections… This seemed to be followed by him telling me I was bidding too much… one of which I lost because of the confusion and that was Barnbridge. Then I had not read all the rules and the LM sent me a message in advance suggesting that I pick up a te from anywhere because my only te was on a bye this upcoming week and there would be a penalty for not playing one. I tried to make a few trades but there was nothing happening and the WW was dead so I decided to not play the te and take the hit. What followed was rather funny. I went to arrange my lineup for the game but I could not actually change it because none of the changes would submit while the te spot was empty. So instead of having one blank spot I had about 3 and the LM went off the head and essentially rid me of most of my virtual currency for having “multiple” blank spots as some of the players lined up the previous week were now also on bye’s. I got fined for each blank spot even though I could not physically edit the lineup. Anyway, I felt he was trying to make an example and so I politely explained to him and the league that the rules state that any player not filling a spot will be penalised a certain amount, the rules said absolutely nothing about a penalty being applied “for each” blank spot and the system disallowed me from limiting the damage to just one empty space. In the end I politely let the league know I was leaving, left my entry as a good will for most of the guys in the league and called it a day.

So Im sure myfantasyleague.com is a good site if the LM knows the platform but I like that myffpc.com does not have a commish as such and of course we have Sean to manage The Beast which is a god send.

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I’m limiting to 3 this year. I was in 5 last year but was a bit annoying that most weeks you’d be supporting a player in one league and they’d be in your opponents team in another league.


Lol yeah that is annoying

Money Leagues are great, but at the end of the day Fantasy is about having fun. I remember last year reading an article about some guy who was quitting because of burnout. I thought to myself I’ll never be that guy but now I can see where he’s coming from to a degree.

I’ll probably have a go at daily fantasy this year when I can as I don’t want to quit completely, especially as I spend hours everyday listening to FF podcasts!:relaxed:

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Just the 100 leagues this year then? :grinning:


Hi Noel

Just to say, I’m definitely up for rejoining the Show Me The Money league and all of your various mini games as usual (pickem, TNF challenge, etc).

When do you think you’ll be setting this year’s games?