Discord Chat


Hey All,

As we continue the chat about future platforms I just want to say that Discord is fun, clean and user friendly (after the initial wtf phase) however we chose Discord over Slack as the Discord option included voice. It seems though that the voice feature cannot be used as a replacement for text so not ideal. Discord also does not offer a forum capability unlike Slack. Slack offers voice, along with video and screen sharing in addition to all its core uses and many many integrations. Essentially Slack was built for business communications and for this it has been hugely successful but along the way millions of online communities have jumped on and apparently found it to be a great platform to base themselves.

Here is a short video, please share your thoughts :thumbsup:

PS - This is Adam’s domain, It’s a proposal he has already put to us, I am merely bringing it up again. I’m not tryng to mow the mans lawn :relaxed:

Gordon, that really looks good. Should we use it for The Open tournament?

I agree fella but I spoke with Adam last night and he is keen (at least for now) to give discord a go. He has created a channel there for the golf although it wont be locked out of the general channel. Instead the intention is to create a new separate channel for general chat and lock that down moving forward.