Discord Chat

Skype chat Sunday evening 6th

Wondered if anyone up for a general chat Sunday evening

Talk about the draft ect

Not on Skype at the moment but will get the app on my iPad as it sounds like several of you will be using it this season.
Won’t be in time for tomorow as focus is currently on the Zone Coverage draft tomorrow evening!

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I’m up for that mate - any idea what time?

Shall we say 7pm for those about

Will try to make it for a bit…

Excellent I will see if anyone else is up for a chat

I’ll be out then for a family get-together I’m afraid, but may well be up for it in future weeks

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Will be good to have your banter in future weeks James

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it was good to catch up as a 3 person group, would be good to run this pre 6pm on Sundays if people were interested.