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Site updates

I’ve added a new category - horse racing - as there were quite a few posts falling under that category, and some people wanted the option to filter them.

Now you can view posts from that category specifically, or if you don’t want to hear so much about it, navigate to the specific category’s section and choose ‘mute’ from the options.

Thanks Adam - much appreciated :+1:

A couple of small changes to the site yesterday:

Added tags to posts, which may or may not be useful, but lets users dynamically tag their own posts with whatever tags they want (if it doesn’t get used too much I can always disable this feature later as it may clutter things up a bit).

Also on the desktop web version stuck a bunch of links at the top, will add any more relevant ones up here soon like the blog.

I was thinking of putting a full blog on the www. version of the site, using the forum for blog post comments and linking to the forum (and I have a version ready to launch if we decide to go with that at some point), but I think as an incremental update it may be better to just use a service like medium.com to host the blog posts and link to them from the forum header navigation, keeping the forum as the main landing page of the site. I’ll see how that plays out. It’s a balance of wanting more content like blogs articles, videos, podcasts, but wanting to keep the community and forum as the most important thing.


Great work Adam, changes appreciated.