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Silence Isn’t Golden

I just came across an article written by Golden Tate (Detroit Lions, WR) and thought it was very interesting and well written so wanted to share it:


Good read. Applies to all walks of life. What wasn’t mentioned and should be brought to the fforefrontis the following notion:

If you are happy with yourself, the debasing drival of others just rolls off your back.


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Golden Tate on Soccer AM

He was on this show and Sky has his appearance online (watch here):


Noel, how are you pasting the links into the forum? The URLs are often broken as they’ve been shortened - see the ‘…’ halfway through the address. I guess maybe you’re copying the text from a shortened link elsewhere so when it’s pasted here it’s just a broken link. Best to paste the actual URL from the browser.

Weird that very same link works from NFLUK where I also posted it? :-s


Oh, NFLUK has the correct full link when you click it, but it’s only displaying a shortened link in the text. I guess what you did was then copy the text direct from the NFLUK post and paste it. Better to use the original link or if you’re copying from NFLUK, click “edit post” there and copy the original source which has the full non-shortened link.

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Okay thanks for tip will edit and repair now.

nice interview thanks for posting

My pleasure - thanks for joining The Fan Pub.