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Sean Payton Stays Put!

Happy Days!

Clearly the most coveted coach that was or was nearly available this week. Its great news for the team. Now for Bree’s £30m cap hit…

He wants the Dallas job, he fished to see if they took the bait, so for now he’ll stay with the Saints until JG is fired next January.

Sad days for us but after how Jed York treated Harbaugh and the dreaded we only celebrate superbowls speech I’m not sure why anyone would wanto come to SF

I think your right Dean. He still has a house in Dallas and has a very close relationship with Jerry Jones.

I feel for the 49ers. Many thought that they hired Tomsula as he would fit the “Yes Man” mould. It turned out Tomsula had more backbone and character than “Yes Men” typically have and so now that they got rid of him (in bad taste) I wonder if the ownership got rid in effort to find a true “Yes Man” or whether they now regret going for a “Yes Man” altogether and are trying to correct their mistake. I hope its the latter.

Yeh, it sounds about right, Jerry Jones has a liking for Payton.