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"Scratch that Itch" League

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  1. Dan A - maybe amend starting line up - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, 1 or 2 FLEX?
    yep, I am going to shrink the rosters slightly from 16 to 15, so I will make this an 8 player starting lineup with 2 flexes

  2. Mark D - consider keeping trading?
    gonna say no to this one - I really want to keep this a low effort league - all the people who have expressed an interest are in multiple other leagues with trading so nobody is missing out (plus it gives this league something to distinguish it from others)

  3. Mark D - 4 rounds of rookies is too many, maybe tweak the number of players in the various drafts?
    fair - I agree that late rookie picks will probably just get dropped. I’m going to amend it to 5 mini-drafts of three rounds each, one of which will be a rookie draft (in my leagues last year, there were players like Terry McLaurin and Daniel Jones going in the third, so there are still some pickings to be had!)

Scratch That Itch League – league set up

Key points
• Five mini drafts during the off season to give us something to do !
• Reduced effort to manage the teams once the season starts

• This will be set up on the NFL site, as that’s where I commish my other two leagues
• Maximum 14 teams, a simple everyone-plays-everyone once format (if we only get 8, 10 or 12, I will still run the league)
• £20 entry – you are in the league once you have paid, not before !
• Prize money of roughly 2/3 to the winner, 1/3 to the runner up (exact prizes once we have the number of players confirmed)
• Eight team playoff (to keep most teams in the hunt as long as possible), just the default 1 v 8, 2 v 7 etc
• No trading, and a one waiver wire pick up max per week, to try to keep management effort to a minimum. WAB used to make waiver claims

All managers have a budget of 1,000 points, to be used for six things:
1 – bidding for your draft place in draft A (highest bid gets the 1.01 etc)
2 – bidding for your draft place in draft B (highest bid gets the 1.01 etc)
3 – bidding for your draft place in draft C (highest bid gets the 1.01 etc)
4 – bidding for your draft place in draft D (highest bid gets the 1.01 etc)
5 – bidding for your draft place in draft E (highest bid gets the 1.01 etc)
6 – anything left from the first 5 above, is your waiver budget for the regular season

Draft A: “The Studs” – taking place Wednesday 12 Feb – 3 rounds. Non-snaking (i.e. like a rookie draft). Get your franchise cornerstones – current players only

Draft B: “The Duds” – taking place mid March, – 3 rounds. Non-snaking (i.e. like a rookie draft). Fill up with some depth – current players only

Draft C: “Rookies” – taking place mid April – 3 rounds. Non-snaking (i.e. like a rookie draft). This draft will take shortly BEFORE the real world rookie draft – rookies only

Draft D: “Free agency” – taking place shortly in June – 3 rounds. Non-snaking (i.e. like a rookie draft). Fill up your roster with some depth – current and rookie players

Draft E: “Last minute panic” – taking place shortly before the season – 3 rounds. Non-snaking (i.e. like a rookie draft). Plug gaps once the dust has settled on injuries, trades etc in the real world – current and rookie players

I’ll then load in the players manually after all five drafts are complete

Once we have players signed up, I will get you to send me your bids for the five drafts. Once I’ve had all bids, I will announce who has which draft spots so you can prepare.

Scoring – I will keep this as standard as possible, it will be 0.5 PPR, apart from that it will be all nfl.com default scoring

Rosters – 15 player squad (5 mini drafts of 3 rounds each, as described above). Starting line up of QB – RB – RB – WR – WR – TE – FLEX – FLEX

Sign up list

  1. Jon C

  2. Dan N

  3. Andy A

  4. Dan C

  5. Al R

  6. Mike L

I’m in for sure!

Count me in Jon

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I’m interested Jon if you’re still taking people and can get an 8th!