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SB 50 @ The Hipp

Calling all Original League Members,

I appreciate that some of you really enjoy the SB event at the o2. It does sound like fun and I don’t want to draw away from that. That said there is something about making the trip into London on a cold winter night without having a ticket or a seat that does not quite sit right with me. Personally I just prefer to put down some cash and secure both a ticket and a seat.

I spoke to the hippodrome earlier this year and found that they actually host their own SB party, they promised to let me know when tickets became available… which is today! Aready 60% of tickets are sold. I managed to grab 4 table seats so far with one of those currently going spare. Anders, a friend of mine and myself are locked in currently. If any of you want the last ticket just let me know. The bigger the group the better as far as we are concerned so if the last ticket goes I will be happy to buy more… but I get the impression we should be quick. If no interest, that’s fine too, just wanted to offer up the option.


All the best.


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Nice one Gordon, appreciate you being so organized, and also getting the extra ticket. Sounds great but I definitely won’t know my plans till nearer the time so I am going to have to leave it for now and see what I can get a few weeks before the big day!

No problem Jon, would be great if you could make it… So be sure to shout out if it seems possible nearer the time, the least we can do is see where we are with available tickets when the time comes.


Love the idea and your reasons.

I’m certainly coming down for the big game, I have a hotel booked and will purchase train travel in the next week or so. I feel a certain loyality to Noel as it was him that got me to do the Superbash with him a few years back and having seen him in action on the night, I’m 99% sure he will be able to hook me up with a ticket if I’m unsuccessful at sourcing my own. Regarding the seating, it’s plentiful upstairs and would be practical for us to seat-save to get a bunch together.

However I would prefer it if we’re all together so if the guys wish to switch to the Hippodrome I think that looks really good too.

I know what you mean about paying to secure a seat. Its pretty stressful applying and appealing for spares. Much better to pay in advance and be certain, especially as I’ll be paying £80 for a hotel and £40+ transport

All good points Dean and Noel is a top dude so understandable. Whatever happens at the very least a meet up prior to the big game would be good. I was thinking of getting a dinner some place first so if that sounds appealing it would certainly be great to see you and others on the night.

I’ve never missed a Superbash since they started and don’t ever intend to unless Lions are in the real thing and I have a current US visa. So wherever they host I will be there and to many people rely on my service to cut and run now so am afraid S/B Sunday for me is always pre-destined. Be happy to meet up for a Play-Off Sat or Sun game night. Gutted you didn’t want to try Super Bash once to see if it was your thing but each to there own for reasons you explained. Great idea though would be if anyone got any TFP business cards left to get you a bunch to hand out on night just as I will to as it could grow awareness of this great community forum.

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No problem dude, I appreciate you have put in a whole load of effort in past years and that you now consider it part of your annual good time calendar. I still think early evening on the Sunday is a good chance for a meet up, some drinks and dinner since many of us will be in the smoke anyway. As I understand it we will need to be at the Hipp by about 10-30pm (ish) anyway so meeting at 6 or 7 pm would seem like a good opportunity if you and others could make that.

I hate this, I want us all to be at the same place and I know Noel would definitely get us all in


Me too Simon :frowning:

Another way - to late now - you could of saved money is people are so keen to get into Super Bash they buy tickets to elsewhere as a back up plan and when I get them tickets to Super Bash they give me their booking paperwork for other venues they booked as their fall back option to give to others if I can’t get them in Super Bash - last year I got everyone in - though the last few was a party of several Auzzie lads just before game start. However ended up with loads of bookings to all other Super Bowl parties all over London that got wasted - for all I know Hippodrome might have been amongst them.

I’m thinking guys. If I’m honest I have felt the sense of community slipping this season and I’m pleasantly surprised some people here give a hoot.

I appreciate your points there LM and will come back to you shortly. Just like you and your annual football night with Doug I have another buddy to think about who is not in the league.

As for handing out TFP cards, I’m well up for that, always have been. The potential of the site is great. That said we have to be careful in what we are handing out to people as I have struggled to get responses to posts re football headlines in and out of the season this year. So much so that in the last month I have found myself heading back to NFLUK just to get some football headline chat. There are obviously some good, strong threads on the forum but outside of these the level of activity here these days is quite low, which is a shame, for Adam and the rest of us.

We mainly chat on Whatts App which is more instant. Community spirit on there is superb, I love being part of the group on there and have found it very useful, you need to get logged on.

I wold hope this site takes off on a big way when Daily Fantasy takes off

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I’ve finally got the time to reply and to let you know that it wasn’t Gordon’s decision alone to go for the Hippodrome. For quite some time we’ve discussed what to do for SB, especially since we both have some friends outside the FF that would like to join us for the event.
Neither of us never really liked the idea of the O2, as you weren’t guaranteed a ticket until quite late in the season - whether from a competition or from somebody who had a spare one to give.
We basically agreed that we had to book well in advance at a venue that would have a good atmosphere on the night. We had a look at the options that came up and the Hippodrome seemed like the best bet. It’s central and gives everybody a fair opportunity to get to and to leave from. Also, there are tons of restaurant bars available nearby should we decide to meet up before hand or during the event.
if only we could go in and purchase tickets for the O2 event there wouldn’t be any doubts to where we would go, especially since we have never tried it before.
Maybe this is something we should really debate and tackle in the off season, so we could come up with a venue that would suit everybody (should we hire a place and organise something ourselves???).
Anyway, let’s keep discussing this … who knows, maybe we change our minds.

Thanks Anders.

Dean, your right… not being in the whatsapp group is a big part of it. It’s a very useful option and I use it myself at intervals. That said my working life is very busy these days and its just the person I am, quite compulsive, when I do something I get right into it and so to be in that conversation, its quite the distraction. Maybe I need to re-look at it.


I’d love to chit chat with you more, so hope you can :+1:

Cheers fella… (More characters required) :wink:

I know Noel would definitely get us all into the Super Bash, we had so many spare tickets last year. The O2 Super Bash has no comparison in the UK - the difference in atmosphere and excitement versus anywhere else (particularly the sleepy Hippodrome) is night and day.

I understand the slight fear of not having guaranteed tickets, but I’ve had no trouble getting tickets the last two years (last year I couldn’t give my spares away in the end). But yeah, some people might prefer a more laid-back atmosphere to watch the game, so somewhere like the Hippodrome might appeal. Would be nice to get all the original league members under the same roof on the night though.

All that being said, I probably won’t be going to any Super Bowl event this year, as it coincides with Baby Day. :sob:

Yeah, this.

Last week we did talk a bit about our WhatsApp group somewhat cannibalizing the forum’s community, but until TFP has its own viable alternative to WhatsApp (considering building an app that combines chat and forum-like content), the two should just be complimentary to each other, with the site more focused on longer-term content and possibly editorial content.

Actually having the chat side of things separate and all contained within WhatsApp wouldn’t be too bad, except now the process of adding new people is almost non-existent. I’ve seen similar communities work really well using Slack - so they were completely open to the public (with some vetting) and combined both a forum and instant chat.

Anyway, probably lots of different viewpoints and things to consider, and finding the time to do it all if it involves building a new site/app.

Yeh, SB night is also my wedding anniversary but still it is the SB… I will make it up to her :smiley: