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SB 50, No Attacking Please!

Drones & FO

In previous tours of the stadium, officials have touted how good the wireless technology is. Last year, during a tour of the empty stadium, I was able to get a Wi-Fi connection with a speed of 28MB per second downstream and 47MB upstream on my iPhone.

Comcast Business brings the Internet into the stadium, using multiple paths for redundancy. The fiber-optic cables provide Comcast Business VoiceEdge, a cloud-based service that uses the Internet to provide both data connectivity and voice communications over the same unified network.

Comcast has wired the place with multiple 10GB Ethernet networking cables (combined into 40GB-per-second bandwidth), bringing a total of 400 miles of fiber-optic cable into the stadium. At any given spot, you can access super-fast Wi-Fi, thanks to 1,200 routers within the stadium itself (600 of them placed above and under the seats).

Clearly, if terrorists targeted fiber-optic cables in the region, it would severely limit the ability of the 68,500 people in the stadium to take selfies during the game and post them to their social networks. (That’s half the fun, right?)

Thats a lot of routers and bandwidth for 68,500 selfies…