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Round 2 - Still interesting

By all accounts there is still a lot of hustle left in this years draft, Rapsheet has reported that many teams still see a number of players on the board that are worth jumping up to get. The Cowboys are said to be looking for a away up to obtain Emmanuel Ogbah. I wonder if the Brows continue the stock piling approach and let em have it. Might just stay up to see the first half unfold…

Interesting to see what the Titans do with 3 picks early on

Should certainly be interesting, when will the next couple of QBs go (Cook/Hackenberg presumably) ? Just how far will Miles Jack and Ashawn Robinson fall …?

Good questions, I think Robinson goes fast, surely.

Interesting to see that after the dust has settled some analysts suggesting Elliott was not a great pick, I have to agree in a sense, it was v early for a back. I had a small wager on top ten, I thought he might go at 8 or 10. They need a top class corner, they had him but went another way. Time will tell how smart this was, or not.

Wow, 4 QB picks and Connor Cook not one of them - I guess the stories about concerns about his personality are for real - will he be a day 3 bargain for someone

And the Bucs give my Chiefs a 3rd and 4th round pick, to trade up into the second for a kicker (OK, a very highly rated one, but even so…)

And still some good players left going into day 3 !

Absolutely, the draft is just such a great appetizer…

I got up at 0630 this morning to give the wife a lift, stayed up since building the first few rounds of my draft board haha…

Its looking good, lots of nice colours :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the draft loads of rough diamonds