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Replay Pass interference?

It seems that the NFL rules officials are feeling the heat or at least feeling that they should be feeling the heat regarding last weekends crazy, incorrect pass interference “false call” and “no call” with the Giants and Falcons respectively. The Giants have reached out to the NFL ruling body asking for an explanation of the decision that typically would have lost them the game and it would not be surprising for the Falcons to do the same re the poor no-call that DID cost them the game.

NFL rules official “Mike Pereira” was on the REisen show yesterday turning on all previous discussions and philosophy and finally agreeing that they need to introduce replays on pass interference calls!! I would expect to see it in the pre-season 2017…

Falcons Call

I think they should just add it in so you can throw the flag to challenge and automatically reviewed in last 2 minutes of the half.

What they won’t want is the game slowing down any further, especially with the fall in viewing figures. Speaking of which, this is a good article

That looks like a good read, I shall read it fully tomorrow with more time. From what I grasped already its partly blaming the lack of stars for the lower amount of time people watch football this season. That goes hand in hand I think with my claim which is that up until week 6 the schedule was average to poor.

Its also interesting to read the suggestion that the NFL has overly saturated the market, have they looked at the soccer schedule recently? lol

Thanks for the link

I really dont mind opening up replays on all decisions so long as they limit the number of replays requested from coaches to like 3 or 4 per game. That in itself adds another dimension to the game, any call can be replayed but only if you have flags left to throw!

Limit it to one replay flag. You don’t get it back regardless of winning/losing the call. That way they solve the ATL issue over the weekend and keep the game moving. Last thing you want is it being used for technically correct situations but not game breaking calls.

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