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Relegation Fantasy Football League; ESPN; $20

I am starting a new relegation style league. It will actually have 3 leagues of 12. The first year all three leagues will be equal. Next year the top league will be made of the top 4 finishers from each league. The middle league will have the middle 4 teams and the bottom league will have the rest. For the following years, the top teams move up a league and the bottom teams move down. It works like the Premier League for futbol.

If you are interested check out all the details here.

Can you explain clearly how the money will be used please

Its all in the google doc. All the money will be paid out each year.

1st Year Payouts
All Leagues
1st place - $160
2nd place - $60
3rd place - $20

Future Year Payouts
Champions League
1st place - $300
2nd place - $100
3rd place - $50

Minor Leagues
1st place - $120
2nd place - $40
3rd place - $20

Amateur Hour League
1st place - $60
2nd place - $20
3rd place - $10

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So the second year you’d have 12 teams in the bottom div kicking in $240 to win $90 split?

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Yeah I like the concept but you’ll face a lot of drop outs from that bottom division

I think there will always be people that will need to be replaced each year and this format will probably have a few more than normal but I am okay with that.

The only way for the top league to have a higher payout is for the lower league to have a lower payout. The format isn’t for everyone. For me, the glory of winning the top league is the real prize and the $20 is enough to keep everyone playing seriously.

I also want to try to set up some other things that make the league fun for everyone and worth the entry even if you don’t win like a website and weekly review. After the draft, I was going to work on these things.

Maybe if you take two years payments up front from people it would protect the league.

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The concept is cool but still needs work to pull off successfully in my view

I have about 20 payments already and more people committed to play. Most of it is friends I play with every year anyway so I think the league will be fine. If not I’ll make adjustments. If anyone wants to play, you are welcome to join.

I’m in. Looks fun.Would be cool to have a few others from here participating.

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Would love to but heavily committed to several leagues this year and funds low

Ok count me in, money sent!

About six spots left. Sign up soon if you are interested.

3 Spots left now.

Looks a good league, players from all around the globe.