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Rebel Alliance of Fantasy Football

Real world

The Alliance of American Football is a new professional football league, due to start in February 2019 shortly after the Super Bowl. There will be 8 teams in 2 conferences.


Atlanta Legends
Birmingham Iron
Memphis Express
Orlando Apollos


Arizona Hotshots
Salt Lake Stallions
San Antonio Commanders
San Diego Fleet

Every team plays each team in their division rivals twice (6 games), and each team in the opposite division once (4 games), a total of a 10 game regular season. Four teams will qualify for a playoff semi-final and final. There are no bye-weeks


Sign up list

  1. Javier Aparicio
  2. Simon Liu
  3. Sean Connors
  4. Al Roberts
  5. Dan Abrey
  6. Daniel Nichols
  7. Dean Poole
  8. Shani Senaratne
  9. Mike Mark
  10. Mark Dimmock
  11. Al Zreik
  12. Mike Lewis


The Rebel Alliance of Fantasy Football is a draft only league of exactly 12 teams, split into a Northern and Southern conference of 6 teams each. The two conferences will run separately, without any inter-conference games, apart from the final week.

There has been a random draw for who is in which conference, and for draft spots. Each conference will have its own 7 round draft.

Every team will play each team in its own conference once, in weeks 1 to 5. There will then be two all-play-all weeks to complete the regular season.
In week 8, the #2 and #3 seeds in each conference will play off in a conference wild card game. Then in week 9 the #1 seed will play the winner of the wild card game to determine the conference champion.

To round it off, the two conference champions will face off in week 10 in the R.A.F.F. Bowl to decide the grand champion.

Team names

Every team name must be in the classic ‘Place Name’ plus ‘Nickname’ format. As we all know, Kansas City is the exact heart of the USA, so all teams in the Northern Conference must take their name from a US town or city north of KC, while all teams in the Southern Conference must take their name from a US town or city south of KC.


Money In: £15 entry fee (X 12 teams = £180)

Money Out:
Northern conference runner up: £15
Northern conference winner: £50
Southern conference runner up: £15
Southern conference winner: £50
Grand final winner: an additional £25
Adam’s charity fund-raiser: £25


Each conference will have its own draft. The draft will have 7 rounds, with third round reversal (so the first overall pick will also pick first in rounds 4 and 6, and will pick last in rounds 2, 3, 5 and 7).

In the draft, you must draft one and only one Team QB, and also one and only one Team Defence – because there are a very limited number of each available to draft!

The aim will be to run the draft on Discord in the week of 7-11 January. There are only 42 picks in each draft so should hopefully be fairly swift.


1 team QB*
1 team Defence
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
2 x Flex (RB/WR/TE)

(* QB depth charts are not well known at present, so we will draft a Team QB, rather than a named individual. Each week your score will be based on whichever QB, playing for your chosen team, scores most fantasy points. This will always be a QB – if another non-QB player throws a long trick play score, this will count for that player, and not for team QB)


For Team QB / RB / WR / TE

3 points per passing TD
1 point per passing two-point conversion

5 points per rushing or receiving or returning or fumble recovery TD
2 points per rushing or receiving two-point conversion

1 point per 50 yards passing, or part thereof
1 point per 25 yards from scrimmage, or part thereof

For Team Defence

1 point per sack
2 points per turnover (recovered fumble, interception)
5 points per defensive TD (not return TD, as the individual player gets this)

Scoring is whole point and tied games are possible.

Pre-season waivers

As the season gets close, we may know more about the players likely to star. So we will have one round of waivers the week before the Superbowl, in which each team may drop one player, and pick up one un-owned player– and another round the week after the Superbowl and before the real AAF kick off.

For the first week of waivers, the priority order will match the order of the first round of the draft. For the second week of waivers, the priority order will be the reverse.


During the season, there will not be trades or waivers, you will just get a weekly review and scoreboard from me.

Every team will play each team in its own conference once, in weeks 1 to 5. So every team will get a win, a loss, or just possibly a tie.
There will then be two all-play-all weeks to complete the regular season. In each of those weeks, the teams in each conference will be awarded results as follows:

  • highest scoring team in the conference will be awarded 2 wins
  • second highest scoring team in the conference will be awarded 1 wins and 1 tie
  • third and fourth highest scoring teams in the conference will be awarded 1 win and 1 loss
  • fifth highest scoring team in the conference will be awarded 1 tie and 1 loss
  • the lowest scoring team in the conference will be awarded 2 losses
    (so there is the potential to go 4-0, or 0-4, over the last two weeks, which should keep just about everyone in the hunt for most of the season)

The regular season standings will be based on winning percentage. Where there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be total points scored. If this is still tied, we will draw lots.

In the post season week 8 and 9games, if a game is tied, the tiebreaker will be ‘highest seed wins’.

If the R.A.F.F. Bowl is tied, I will set a tie-breaker question.



Milwaukee Beers (Mike L.) v Lebanon Lubra Lips (Al Z.)
New Hampshire Hooters (Shani) v Forced Rhubarb Triangles (Dean)
Olympia Olympians (Dan A.) v Something Shamrock Potatoes (Sean)

Forced Rhubarb Triangles (Dean) v Milwaukee Beers (Mike L.)
Something Shamrock Potatoes (Sean) v New Hampshire Hooters (Shani)
Lebanon Lubra Lips (Al Z.) v Olympia Olympians (Dan A.)

Milwaukee Beers (Mike L.) v Something Shamrock Potatoes (Sean)
New Hampshire Hooters (Shani) v Olympia Olympians (Dan A.)
Forced Rhubarb Triangles (Dean) v Lebanon Lubra Lips (Al Z.)

Olympia Olympians (Dan A.) v Milwaukee Beers (Mike L.)
Lebanon Lubra Lips (Al Z.) v New Hampshire Hooters (Shani)
Something Shamrock Potatoes (Sean) v Forced Rhubarb Triangles (Dean)

Milwaukee Beers (Mike L.) v New Hampshire Hooters (Shani)
Forced Rhubarb Triangles (Dean) v Olympia Olympians (Dan A.)
Something Shamrock Potatoes (Sean) v Lebanon Lubra Lips (Al Z.)

All play All

All play All


Tulsa Tossers (Mark) v Frankenstein’s Monsters (Al R.)
Texas A&M Aggies (Mike M.) v Los Alamos Atomic Blondes (Javier)
Dogtown Dirty Dawgs (Simon) v Two Eggs Trail Blazers (Dan N.)

Los Alamos Atomic Blondes (Javier) v Tulsa Tossers (Mark)
Two Eggs Trail Blazers (Dan N.) v Texas A&M Aggies (Mike M.)
Frankenstein’s Monsters (Al R.) v Dogtown Dirty Dawgs (Simon)

Tulsa Tossers (Mark) v Two Eggs Trail Blazers (Dan N.)
Texas A&M Aggies (Mike M.) v Dogtown Dirty Dawgs (Simon)
Los Alamos Atomic Blondes (Javier) v Frankenstein’s Monsters (Al R.)

Dogtown Dirty Dawgs (Simon) v Tulsa Tossers (Mark)
Frankenstein’s Monsters (Al R.) v Texas A&M Aggies (Mike M.)
Two Eggs Trail Blazers (Dan N.) v Los Alamos Atomic Blondes (Javier)

Tulsa Tossers (Mark) v Texas A&M Aggies (Mike M.)
Los Alamos Atomic Blondes (Javier) v Dogtown Dirty Dawgs (Simon)
Two Eggs Trail Blazers (Dan N.) v Frankenstein’s Monsters (Al R.)

All play All

All play All

I presume this is to ease your withdrawal symptoms once the Super Bowl has been played?

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Got it in one, Drew :blush:

The draw has been made for conferences and for draft order:


  1. Mike L.
  2. Shani
  3. Dan A.
  4. Sean
  5. Dean
  6. Al Z


  1. Mark
  2. Mike M.
  3. Simon
  4. Dan N.
  5. Javier
  6. Al R

North Draft Board

South Draft Board

Table of how many players were picked from each real-world team


Some players were picked in both drafts, but 10 or more places apart


Some players were picked in the first 3 rounds of one draft, but went undrafted in the other


this has now become the most informative page on the AAF on the internet!


Donation made to @neonadam 's fundraiser for the Tower Project, on behalf of the league :innocent:


To help with final waivers, a list of players currently rostered as at 4 Feb

Running Backs
Aaron Green, San Antonio Commanders
Akeem Hunt, Orlando Apollos
Akrum Wadley, Atlanta Legends
Anthony Manzo-Lewis, Memphis Express
Branden Oliver, Salt Lake Stallions
Brandon Ross, Birmingham Iron
Cordon Moog, Memphis Express
David Cobb, San Antonio Commanders
Denard Robinson, Atlanta Legends
D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando Apollos
De’Veon Smith, Orlando Apollos
Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego Fleet
Jhurell Pressley, Arizona Hotshots
Joel Bouagnon, Salt Lake Stallions
Justin Stockton, Arizona Hotshots
Kenneth Farrow, II, San Antonio Commanders
Ladarius Perkins, Birmingham Iron
Larry Rose, Arizona Hotshots
Lawrence Pittman, Atlanta Legends
Matt Asiata, Salt Lake Stallions
Paul James, San Diego Fleet
Rajion Neal, Memphis Express
Ryan Green, Orlando Apollos
Tarean Folston, Atlanta Legends
Terrell Newby, Salt Lake Stallions
Terrell Watson, San Diego Fleet
Terrence Magee, Memphis Express
Tim Cook, Arizona Hotshots
Trent Richardson, Birmingham Iron
Trey Williams, San Antonio Commanders
Ty Isaac, Birmingham Iron
Zac Stacy, Memphis Express

Wide Receivers
Adonis Jennings, Salt Lake Stallions
Alonzo Moore, San Antonio Commanders
Alton “Pig” Howard, Memphis Express
Amba Etta-Tawo, Birmingham Iron
Brian Brown, San Diego Fleet
Bug Howard, Atlanta Legends
Charles Johnson, Orlando Apollos
Chris Thompson, Orlando Apollos
Damore’ea Stringfellow, Memphis Express
Darius Prince, San Antonio Commanders
De’Marcus Ayers, San Antonio Commanders
De’Mornay Pierson-El, Salt Lake Stallions
Devin Lucien, Memphis Express
DeVozea Felton, Birmingham Iron
Donteea Dye Jr., Orlando Apollos
Dontez Byrd, Memphis Express
Dontez Ford, San Diego Fleet
Dres Anderson, Salt Lake Stallions
Ervin Philips, Atlanta Legends
Fabian Guerra, Memphis Express
Francis Owusu, San Diego Fleet
Freddie Martino, Arizona Hotshots
Greg Ward, Jr., San Antonio Commanders
Ishmael Hyman, Orlando Apollos
Jalin Marshall, Orlando Apollos
James Quick, Atlanta Legends
John Diarse, San Antonio Commanders
Jordan Leslie, Salt Lake Stallions
Josh Huff, Arizona Hotshots
Josh Stewart, San Antonio Commanders
Justin Thomas, Atlanta Legends
Kaelin Clay, Salt Lake Stallions
Kameron Kelly, San Diego Fleet
Kayaune Ross, Memphis Express
Kenny Bell, Salt Lake Stallions
Laquvionte Gonzalez, San Diego Fleet
L’Damian Washington, Birmingham Iron
Malachi Jones, Atlanta Legends
Marquis Bundy, Arizona Hotshots
Marvin Bracy-Williams Jr., Orlando Apollos
Mekale McKay, San Antonio Commanders
Montay Crockett, Atlanta Legends
Nelson Spruce, San Diego Fleet
Quan Bray, Birmingham Iron
Quinton Patton, Birmingham Iron
Rannell Hall, Orlando Apollos
Rashad Ross, Arizona Hotshots
Reece Horn, Memphis Express
Richard Mullaney, Arizona Hotshots
Sam Mobley, Salt Lake Stallions
Seantavius Jones, Atlanta Legends
Tobias Palmer, Birmingham Iron

Tight Ends
Adrien Robinson, Memphis Express
Anthony Denham, Salt Lake Stallions
Austin Traylor, Salt Lake Stallions
Ben Johnson, San Diego Fleet
Braedon Bowman, Birmingham Iron
Brandon Barnes, Memphis Express
Bryce Williams, Arizona Hotshots
Busta Anderson, Birmingham Iron
Cam Clear, San Antonio Commanders
Charles Standberry, Jr., Atlanta Legends
Cole Hunt, San Antonio Commanders
Connor Davis, Birmingham Iron
Connor Hamlett, Arizona Hotshots
Evan Rodriguez, San Antonio Commanders
Garrett Hudson, Atlanta Legends
Gavin Escobar, San Diego Fleet
Gerald Christian, Arizona Hotshots
Keith Towbridge, Atlanta Legends
Marcus Baugh, San Diego Fleet
Matt Weiser, Orlando Apollos
Nick Truesdell, Salt Lake Stallions
Scott Orndoff, Orlando Apollos
Sean Price, Orlando Apollos
Stehly Reden, San Antonio Commanders
Tanner Balderree, Salt Lake Stallions
Thomas Duarte, Arizona Hotshots

Final draft boards after 2 rounds of waivers

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