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Question for LM


Just wondering how the £1600 is going to be spent again. Are you just going to buy new player stickers or will you have to buy a brand new board again? If you are buying a new board are you going to reuse that with the league you’re drafting with the day before - wouldn’t that mean only half of what we spent last season is needed for the board?

I’m asking these questions as I’m wondering if we could save some money somewhere and buy a cool trophy (like the Shiva) that could have multiple plates on it with each year’s winner on it. The trophy will then be in the hands of the winner until the new season starts. As I’m going to the U.S. in July/August, we could buy one from the U.S. sites and have it delivered to my friends where I’m going. I would then bring it back to the U.K.

Just a thought.

Seconded, I think we need a trophy that records past winner info. ooohh Shiva xxx

Good questions - unsure if they sell just the stickers - think they sell as kits and trying to reuse a board with stickers already on I myself think would get confusing - look naff. I guess white blanks could be stuck over them but I was just going to get 2 kits - besides the new leagues kit will be different as it needs to have IDP’s so most likely be bought from an alternative source. Also Drew is based in US was going to lean on him to acquire.

As for a trophy in theory it sounds good but when I thought about it, if I won I don’t really have room for it - just get in the way all year hence preferring a ring - and people would only see it each draft - it’s not like we have a display cabinet at the venue nor live in mansions. I mean there is no rush for this and all winners history is recorded and kept on line within NFL.com.

That was just my view but if the majority feel differently and would like a huge trophy we can look into it and perhaps come up with a way to save for one but all would have to agree - perhaps £1 every successful Waiver Claim or such like goes in a kitty and over the years allows us to buy a grand trophy. But personally having the winners history online was good enough for me - along with the winner getting their own personal trophy or winners ring which they can bring to each draft if they wish and show off.

Thanks Noel, I think the 2 kits is the way to go, so nice one.

The ring is certainly good and I am happy to go with your decision on the trophy, I think myself and Anders both agreed that a large and outlandish trophy with an inappropriate name and in addition to the ring would add a level of humour to the league besides adding an element of satisfaction of getting ones name and team name engraved on it for the life of the trophy. Anyway, no comments from anybody else yet, is there nobody else lol?

A large trophy with name on and smaller keep sake is the way to go plus each year you can name the trophy !!

Yeah, I like the trophy - I thought we already had part of the entry fee budget for this? (Or a winner’s ring at least - when does last year’s winner receive theirs? :blush: )

A trophy’s much more impressive to wave around like a plonker, whether it’s a trophy that’s passed on from winner to winner or a new one every year that people keep (trophys are pretty cheap these days, and I can see trying to ensure a trophy gets passed on each year being a bit tricky).

The ring is with Drew - I ordered it and had it sent to him and he will be bring it across when he comes over for this years draft and I will be awarding it to last years winner then so all can see and give the were not worthy moves. Reason for this was to avoid nasty import duties and unexpected fees - as am not sure if jewellery would incur those or not.

But last years winners ring is struck - just the only one who knows what it looks like and if it was worth the money is Drew. I sure hope it looks nice but buying something from a picture on line you never really know for sure till you see it for real.