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QB Protection rules

The last time I checked, NFL Football was supposed to be a contact sport. I cringe at some of the comments being made this week in light of Terrell Suggs hit on Sam Bradford. While I understand the philosophy of putting rules in play to protect players from injury, just like the high tackle rule in Rugby Union, the rules should apply to every player. Once you start putting one position, like the QB, on a pedestal you start damaging the integrity of the game. As a QB, if you don’t want to get hit, play flag football and stop crying!

Agree. Definitely right that players are protected and can show their skills without cheap shots - but if Bradford is on the field making a read option play he has got to expect to be tackled! If he plays he is going to get hits like that every single game.

As it happens I think Terrell Suggs has often looked like a dirty player, and he probably relished the chance to take a shot at Bradford - but the hit was legal

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I fully agree it was a fair hit move on

fair fair fair… Hit em again :smile:

And to back up your point Drew, I used to enjoy football/soccer but I have always hated the crazy amount of protection that goal keepers get!