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Proposed: Euro 2016 competition

Hi folks,
Saw the chat on whatsapp earlier about Euro 2016 - I’d be happy to run a little game for the group here, maybe along the lines of what Dougie does for soccer and NFL…
In other words: I’ll give all 24 teams a value, say from £1M for Albania to £20M for Germany. And you’ll have £50M to pick 5 teams. The teams will score for winning matches and scoring goals.
Would probably do it for say £10 a go. All money returned as prizes - winner takes all if we have a few takers, and adding a second prize if there are more players.

Happy to sort out a game like this if there is interest… let me know if you would play this and it I get half a dozen or so, I will then spend some time firming up the rules.

Cheers, Jon

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I’m interested tell me when you need payment

Ha ha keen as ever Sean :thumbsup:

Will wait to see if others are as keen - watch this space!!

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Sounds interesting. You can count me in :slight_smile:

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Dougie (McBear) always does one on UEFA Euro’s and FIFA World Cups so I will be posting his up as per usual when he gets it over to me - just saying… :soccer:

I won’t be watching the games but I’m still in Jon :grin:

Payment through PayPal?

Jon - count me in and there will probably be another 6 or 7 if you need them :slight_smile:

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Noel - I sent it to you on the 29th April to your BLM address.

I must have missed it as was in Hungary then will go look for it… sorry bud.

Count me in pls Jon

Okay people McBear’s info is ready to drop in your inbox’s for his Euro’s game so will be sending out tonight - please forward to anyone who likes football or you think might like to take part. :soccer:

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Cool, OK Noel, if Dougie is organising a game I will not crowd the market! Make sure the game is on here too if possible and I will send the link to a few friends at work :slight_smile:

oooh shame, I had potentially up to 6 others interested in your game description Jon. I was only playing because it was a community member trying to get something going, you. So does Dougie’s game take the same format? Unsure if people will still be interested at £5.

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Yeah, apart from the fiver fee rather than tenner, Dougies game is very close to what I would have run (he’s given all the teams a value and you have to pick 4 teams costing no more than a set total value). I will just spend my tenner on two entries so two chances to win!

His annual premier league game is similar and that gets about 30 players, so the prize is worth winning. Noel is emailing the details to people (and hopefully putting them on this site too)

Ok thanks for the info fella. I have a lot of time and respect for Dougie and what he did the last 2 drafts for us but as mentioned I was only having a go because it was you, a quality member of the TFP community that was running the competition. This also came with the added bonus of plenty TFP related chat since you would be the manager. With Dougie I guess that chat becomes limited or non existent on our site. I hope Dougie’s game goes well but for the reasons above and since I wont even watch much of the footie this summer I shall withdraw at this stage.

I shall query the other guys I had in mind to see if they are still interested and post back.

We’re still in, but the ‘home’ & ‘away’ point scoring is confusing. Only France are at home :smile:

I’ll be honest Dean, I couldn’t figure out the point of the home or away bit… will still be playing though!

@JonCartwright @Dean - I did mention this to him but he was adamant his games are always like that and if people don’t like it they don’t play so I sent it out as was but put the *example in there to explain that the team listed first on the fixtures was considered the home team.

As it’s McBears game and to get him to try and be more active here I will ask him to post up his rules in the fantasy games section. :sunglasses:

Also for those interested I will be doing a money league (£10 in a team) on the Telegraphs Euros game when they launch it.