Premier league table predictor game

Hello everyone!
I’m running a Premier League Table Predictor Game this year, details attached. The game is on a Google Sheets file so can be played by anyone anywhere regardless of location.

If anyone would like to get involved please send me an email address so I can give access to the sheet. All predictions are fully editable until a week after the transfer window closes. The end of season celebration / pub meet-up is of course non compulsory but all are welcome.

If people are unsure about sending me the entry money then providing he would be willing and able I would be happy for Noel BlueLionMan to act as escrow as I have been in many of his games over the years and trust him completely.

Finally, if anyone would like a copy of the spreadsheet to run their own game I’m happy to send a copy. The scoring is fully customisable and scores are generated automatically.

Thanks guys and girls and good luck with all your fantasy sports this year!

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A reminder that this remains open to everyone until September 9th. Watch the early games, take notice of how teams have improved or regressed over the summer and lock your predicted League Table after the transfer window shuts.

Super easy to play, all that’s needed is a list of Clubs from 1-20 in the order you think they’ll finish and that’s it! £140 in the prize pot so far and rising, 100% of all entry fees paid out in prizes.

Currently £100 for the winner and £40 for second place. Get involved!

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I keep sharing for you - hope some will play. I will stick an entry in before deadline just remind me if you not got one from me a few days prior.

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Hi Noel I appreciate that, thank you :grin:

:rotating_light: LAST CHANCE TO PLAY!! :rotating_light:

Entries for this game are STILL OPEN until midnight tomorrow September 9th UK time.

There is £180 in the prize pot, with cash prizes for the top 3 entrants.

Super easy to play! Simply send a list of your predicted final Premier League table, from 1st to 20th along with the name of your favourite team. The most accurate predictor wins the top prize with double points available for successfully projecting your own clubs finishing position.

Entry costs £10, payable to myself (or Noel if you prefer) and the live leaderboard is updated after every match.

Give it a go!

Still tqking entries?

Hello :wave:t3: Yes, certainly

Either reply to this message with a list of your selections and nominate your favourite team, or follow the link below and enter your own teams in the sheet. Either way you are player 18.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t3: